Literary Nerds! Check Out “A Series of Unfortunate Sonnets”


In case you didn’t know, the Collective team is full of literary nerds (we’ve got, like, university degrees and stuff). So when one of our beloved Collectors sent us a series of sonnets written about A Series of Unfortunate Events, well, we got a little excited.

via SCHARRchive
via SCHARRchive

(If you’re unfamiliar with the sonnet form, it’s the same kind of poetry that Shakespeare wrote, meaning that anyone who’s mastered the form is a literary genius).

“A Series of Unfortunate Sonnets” by Lauraoosterbeek dedicates one poem per book (plus the follow-up) and cleverly matches the number of lines in each poem to the number of chapters (including letter to the editor) in each book (Mr. Snicket has a thing for the number 14, doesn’t he?). The poems are very clever, hitting the high notes for each plot and evoking the classic “Snicket” feel that one gets when reading the books.

My personal favourite is “The Wide Window,” and, in particular, the final couplet. The idea to frame the poem as a drinking game makes a humorous point on one of the most striking characteristics of the novel, and, well, it makes me giggle. Here, have a gander.

The Wide Window

If I was to drink for each line with a  
Warning, a drink for Vi’s hair in a bow,
A slug for a word definition (so bourgeois –
A fancy french word for common folk now)

A drink for the times Josephine was scared.
And a drink for each grammar correction.
A shot for every grown-up who cared
But was heedless, despite their affection.

A swig for each evil deed overcome
And one for evil Count Olaf in disguise.
One for each literary reference. Some
More booze for each time there is a surprise.

Then my dear Mr. Lemony Snicket,
By page four I’d be drunk as a cricket. 

As a Snicket fan, I highly recommend heading over to Laura’s blog and reading all of the poems, which you can find here. And then, when you’ve finished, do leave a comment on how much you’ve enjoyed them! You can also find the author on Tumblr.

-The Collectress

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