Men and Cats. Yeah, It’s a Thing. (NSFW)

It is Monday, and all I really want to do is stare at hot guys and watch funny cat videos. HUZZAH! There is a Tumblr for that. I present to you, Des Hommes et des Chatons, the website that places similar cat/dude pics next to each other and lets audiences decided which is cuter. Honestly, why choose, when you can have both?




If you want this aesthetic on more than just your browser history, check out coffee table version by Marie-Eva Gatuingt and Alice Chaygneaud, titled “Men and Cats”. Buy the book for $15 and wow all your favorite cat-lady friends (Spaniard, I’m looking at you, and possibly, myself).


enhanced-24200-1441738713-1 xoxo C. Diva

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