Fanfic Wednesday: “Clean Air”


So a few weeks ago, the Diva brought you her favourite DCBB 2014 fics. Today, I’m bringing you my favourite, written by anactoria.

Clean Air by anactoria (AO3)

Pairing(s): Dean Winchester/Castiel 

Warnings: Explicit sexy times (def NSFW)

Author’s Summary

Centuries after the surface of the earth was devastated by an unknown disaster, the remnants of humanity live in a series of vast underground silos, each unaware of the existence of the others.

For the inhabitants of Silo 34, the silo is the world, and the only world they know. Questions about the outside world are forbidden, and asking them is what got Dean Winchester’s parents killed. He isn’t even sure himself that they weren’t crazy.

That all changes when he hears a voice on the radio — a voice from another world.

My Thoughts


Okay, this fic, THIS FIC, took me by storm. I was scrolling through the “dystopia” tag on AO3 because, well, that’s my thing, and then the next thing I knew I’m curled around my phone at 3 in the morning, obsessively clicking “next chapter.”

I then immediately made the Collected Mutineer read the thing, because I needed someone to squee with.

The beautiful thing about this fusion fic, is that while anactoria took great care in combining the Supernatural characters we all know and love with a post-apocalyptic world from a novel series, it is neither too unfamiliar nor too vague. It is the perfect blend of world-building and characterisation, and the way anactoria writes is so compelling that you can’t help but be sucked into the world of the silos, into a world where Castiel saves Dean, and then Dean saves Castiel. Because really, that’s what the story of these two idiots in love is all about, right? Two men who save each other, against all odds, and with the help of their families.

It’s a beautiful story, no matter the setting, but anactoria blends the setting with the story, and the result is truly profound and moving.

Read if you enjoy Destiel, dystopia, and really f**king good fanfiction.

-The Collectress

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