9 Stories of Random Acts of Kindness in Celebration of Misha Collins’ Birthday


Over the years, the Collectress and I have done some strange things in honor of our overlord’s August 20th birthday. This week, to celebrate Misha Collins and the inspiration he brings, me and a few friends participated in random acts of kindness and wanted to share our stories with you. Some did a kind deed for a friend, some for strangers, all because we want to make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. If you’re inspired, why not go out and do something nice for someone this weekend? It doesn’t cost anything to get kind, plus being nice is clinically proven to lower your chances of being an assbutt and raise your level of angel-dom.

Thanks for making us want to be better people, Misha and we hope your birthday was filled with joy, laughter, love and kindness!


C. Diva

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H.D., Arizona

Misha Collins in Haiti with Random ActsI work at a veteran’s hospital and a patient came in looking for shelter. Unfortunately, we were all full, but I made a few calls and asked a few favors and ended up finding somewhere for this person to go. I wanted to do something for this person even though my job said there were no other options. Misha continues to inspire me to go above and beyond what is expected.

V4sGPBMb_400x400Collectress, London, England

My brother eloped a few months ago, so I decided to welcome his wife to our family with a surprise delivery of chocolate (she’s a chocoholic) and a heartfelt note of congratulations and gratitude for making my brother happy.  I have been living on the other side of the earth, far away from my family, for over a year, and I’ve missed many important moments in my family’s lives, so this small act makes me feel like I’m near them. I suppose I should thank Misha for my desire to do nice things for people, but as I’ve yet to meet him, I’ll just continue letting myself be inspired by his overwhelming goodness and kindness towards humanity. Happy birthday, Misha, and thank you for helping the world to be a kinder place.

YMkG9gtY_400x400Berkeley Bananna, San Francisco, California

I signed up for a shift at the local food bank, which centralizes food drives in the area and distributes the product to different agencies. During my time there, I gossiped and chatted with a few little old ladies as we sorted rice and enjoyed each other’s company. I often volunteer here and at some of the different places they send food, but I decided to visit on this day to celebrate Misha and the joy he brings to my life.

sY_lAHyV_400x400Liz KEYSMASH, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Next week I’m seeing One Direction (in my ballpark!). For every stop, the fans get together and circulate projects via Twitter/Tumblr to do during certain songs. One of the fan projects for my show is waving green and gold (Green Bay Packers’ colors) glow sticks during Night Changes. When I bought the glow sticks for my group, I bought extras for those who missed the memo. The first time I saw 1D I had no idea about these projects and I felt slightly left out of this huge group effort. I don’t want anyone to miss out this time, because being a part of something that collaborative is an amazing feeling. Since getting involved in the Supernatural fandom and encountering one of the randomest, kindest humans in Misha Collins, I’ve been continuously inspired to be more random and kind in my own life. This is just one of the tiny ways I can help make the world a little better, like he tries to do every day.

OuRb3eK2_400x400McSmiterton, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

My daughter and I were leaving the grocery store the other day and we saw a homeless man on the median selling a magazine called the Curbside Chronicle, which is written and sold by homeless people for a $2/each at intersections in Oklahoma City (they make about $1.25 profit). This way, they’re not panhandling and, instead, spreading news about homeless issues in the city. I bought a copy of the magazine and asked him about the Chronicle, if he liked selling it and if he’s had success in his endeavors. After our conversation, I popped open my trunk and let him grocery shop out of our bags from the store. He was all emotional and then we got all emotional, but honestly? Being kind just one of those things that humans beings should do. Misha (and GisHwHes) has inspired me to get over myself, stop being self conscious and notice others. It sounds terrible to say that I didn’t really pay attention to the poverty downtown where I work, but in some ways, I didn’t–I tried not to look. Now I wave and say hi and have learned a few people’s names. That wouldn’t have happened for me without Misha. 

QbKF_7R3_400x400Adele, Queenstown, New Zealand

I work at a library and often see some pretty hefty library fines. This week, I waived a bunch in our system for people without telling them. I did it because I can and because, to a lot of families, $20 means a lot more than it does to the organization. I’ve been in a pretty good mood all week, and it feels great to do something for someone else. Misha has helped remind me that the tiniest instance of kindness, even unrecognized, is a small drop of what could be a flood.

bMUyadsg_400x400C. Diva, Los Angeles, California

After the craziness of SDCC, my sister’s wedding, GisHwEs and school starting for Baby Diva, I’ve been a bit hermit-y and antisocial. I decided to do myself a favor and invited a friend to an all expenses paid lunch that he had no idea was coming. I snatched the check off the table after our pancake, french toast and bacon smorgasbord (mmm breakfast for lunch), left a hearty tip for our adorable waitress and not only enjoyed good food but great company that we both sorely needed in the middle of the work week. Because I wasn’t sure how random that act of kindness might be, I also covered my karmic ass and donated to randomacts.org in honor of our Overlord. What I love about Misha is the fact that he continues to participate in things like Random Acts, AMOK and E4K, not because it’s good PR or it makes everyone love him (ya, haters, I’m side eyeing you), but I think he does it for his own peace of mind. The entertainment industry seems like it can be a crazy business to be in and, along with his family keeping him grounded, I think Misha gets to be himself when he is being crazy, kind and gishWhes-y. He continues to inspire me to think of others and to be thoughtful and excited about the world around me even when society is telling me to focus only on myself. Thanks Mish!!

fR01fU-q_400x400Minionsgrace, Little Rock, Arkansas

This weekend, I am taking my dog, Murphy, to visit the elderly patients (my grandma included) at the rehabilitation center near my home. There are a lot of things I have received only because of the kindness of others. Last year, a friend surprised me with $400 she had raised so that I could purchase insulin when my medical insurance ran out. I didn’t know she had organized that and without it, would have not had my meds for two months. Misha inspires me to be kind because I see how kindness, big or small, can positively impact someone–change the direction of their day, inspire them to also be kind and in turn, inspire others.

4oAVLK71_400x400Emmy, San Francisco, California

I work in a large department store and this week, I decided to waive shipping fees for customers (when I could get away with it). As someone who has struggled financially, I am very aware that I have benefited from the kindness of others and not everybody has family willing to help them when they need it. I’ve always felt like without money, there wasn’t much I could do to help people but GiShWhes, AMOK and E4K prove that I don’t have to have money to do good things. Even if it’s just one day or one person, the smallest acts can have a big impact. Misha inspires me to look beyond myself and my own frustrations in order to be nice, which doesn’t cost a thing.