Geek Chic: A Mad Max Viewing Party For All Your War Boys

Truth be told, there are countless Hollywood blockbuster remakes these days that can’t captivate an audience in the long run. These films emerge and may do well in the box office but before you know it, they disappear without a trace. Then George Miller makes a big bang on the scene with the unofficial Best Movie of the Summer, Mad Max: Fury Road, making other action-packed releases of the year redundant.

mad max cover
Property of Warner Bros Pictures

The movie is as fast as the customized tanker trucks and buzzards that will inspire many a Burner this year, and as powerful as its main characters, female and male alike.  There is hope for a better future where men and women can co-exist without mention of kitchens or sandwiches, and with beautifully choreographed team work in the middle of a vehicular battle. Seriously, this is a mind-blowing, action-packed audio-visual powerhouse that will make you want to play a flaming guitar during a massive road rage event.

So, if you and your friends feel the need for speed after seeing the film, throw a Mad Max viewing party for the War Boys within. Mind you, this isn’t a simple theme to pull off – you have to combine unlikely, slightly uncomfortable post-apocalyptic elements with your regular party components – food, drinks, decoration, maybe even a dress-code? Whatever gets the Mother’s Milk flowing.

A DIY Doof Warrior Ukulele tutorial to get you into the mood

Drinks & Food

What’s a party without drinks? You need to get your Mad Max viewing party engines purring, so focus particularly on the color to match the whole dirty, oily vibe behind the movie. Opaque black drinks are an excellent choice. Mix up some black vodka, Guinness stout + Brut champagne, or plain Coca-Cola and, as a dystopian cocktail master, check out some black opaque regulars. Try labelling your long drinks “Gas from Gastown”, and your shooters “Bullets from the Bulletfarm”.

black liquor

Food, on the other hand should be something simple. Life in Max’s world looks like a famished one, though Immortan Joe’s got himself a nice storage of hydroponic lettuce. You want to use very simple ingredients here. Think soy. Think lentils. Think of giving your zombie apocalypse friend a call for some snack ideas.


Group Costumes

Now, all you War Boys should make an effort to dress appropriately for the party. It’s 2015 and we are caught in a wedge between the Steampunk aficionado part of the year and the Weekend Wasteland enthusiast part of the year. Everybody wants to cosplay, but this should be dark and gritty. Remember, Mad Max is a dystopian movie, so whatever you wear should look ruined and destroyed. When dressing up, it is useful to think “Am I going to look cool fighting looters in this? Will an oil stain destroy or enhance this outfit? Can I easily blend into the Citadel’s toothless populace in this, as I wave bye to my Imperator boo and run off into a sequel?”

SDCC ’15 Cosplay, Надя Дорофеева (left)

You don’t necessarily have to chrome your teeth (you could though, I believe many had their piece of fun on the Wilton Amazon page this summer. It tastes nasty, they say), but do get muddy and bloody (fake blood, pls). Think belts, bits of fabric, denim, canvas, burlap, layers, body-paint, jewelry, and goggles… anything that will make you look like an exhausted nomad survivor who lives to mutter tell the tale.

Decor and Visuals

Once you’re all dressed and distressed, all you need is home theatre set up to enhance the whole movie-watching experience. Fury Road is all about the visuals after all, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to reduce it to a window on your laptop.

Mad Max World, Coober Pedy
Mad Max World, Coober Pedy

Customized invitations are a big deal with fancy parties. Use the Mad Max Name Generator, and give each of your friends a unique, berserk moniker. Decorate the room with fake police tape, “Restricted Area” and “Contaminated” signs, and some debris you could easily clean up later. The bottom line is that everything is practically up to you and your idea of what Max’s world is like (hint: it’s fire and blood, but play safe, kids).


Kate Flannery, Guest Writer

Kate is a lifestyle blogger and a comment section vigilante. After graduating English Lit, she tried running a few fashion blogs, but college had left a team shaped hole in her writing habits, and she now runs HighStyleLife with several of her former colleagues. Kate is an outdoorsy dog person, and House Stark at heart.

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