GishWHes 2015: Day Eight


Captain’s Log. Star Date 93206.45

The hunt nears its close (84 minutes but who’s counting?), and my team drifts off to much-needed slumber, one by one. Due to the international nature of our team, only the West Coasters and Team London are awake to see the end of what has been an abonosome week. Team Mutiny in the Impala has done me proud. We’ve submitted the last of our items, and I’m walking away from eight days of insane abnosome fun with some friggin hilarious memories, new friends, and a few strategies for how to get more done next year…

Our last day in London required a catsuit, a lot of tinfoil, and a complete and utter lack of shame. I became Hitchbot’s android upgrade GlamDroid…and yeah, I wandered Regent’s Park and ran into Jonathan Rhys Meyers while I was dressed like that. Do I get extra points for wearing the outfit in front of an unexpecting celebrity? So, GlamDroid also had a robot dance party in the park whilst collecting litter…and then ran into some Daleks in a convenience store and had to transform into a Jammy Dodger to protect herself.

And then there were snowglobes, Amish apps, and phone booths.

GishWhes made me laugh, made me cry (from joy), and gave me hands covered in paper cuts and hot glue burns. Did I curse Misha when I sliced my thumb while cutting foil? Yes. Did I yell “why, Misha, why” when I looked at the riddles listed in this year’s list or when I wore strange outfits in public? Yes. Do I thank Misha now for giving me a reason to destroy the monotony of existence that depends on a routine? Absolutely.

Gishing is about doing good, destroying normal, getting kind, embracing your creativity, and accepting that we can achieve the impossible.

Good job, Gishers. Sleep now, and maybe have a kale cocktail to celebrate surviving GISHwheS 2015.

-Mutineer Collectress, co-captain of Team Mutiny in the Impala 

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7 thoughts

  1. How you were able to blog simultaneously is a feat in itself. Congratulations to another abnosome week of creativity and do-gooding! Maybe we’ll run into one another again next year!

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