GishWHes 2015: Day Six


As day six draws to a close here in the UK, I must admit that I find myself exhausted. I hit a snag similar to this during last year’s hunt, but I am pushing myself to remember that GishWHes is nearly over, and once it is I will miss it dearly.

One of my favorite things about GishWHes is the way in which it can open people’s eyes. One of this year’s items was to photograph something that most people would find ugly, but that you find beautiful. After a crazed morning that included breaking the internet (don’t worry Kim, I wrote you a how-to), surviving the Great Yarn Bomb Blitz of 2015, and creating a heartfelt tribute to Leonard Nimoy, the Collectress and I set out to find beauty in the unexpected. After being relatively cooped up in the city for the last five days, we decided to walk to Gunnersbury Park. Armed with my trusty Canon, we roved the grounds searching for something that would be unsightly to most.

We ended up taking various photos and had a long debate about which one to submit. It was surprisingly easy to find the charm in “ugly” things, and a part of me felt like I was back in elementary school being taught an object lesson. If you look hard enough, you can find beauty in almost anything.

Now, with my sore feet and aching legs propped up, I’m sorting through all the items Mutiny in the Impala submitted today, and am preening with pride. I’m so blessed to be part of a team that is hard working, creative, kind, and generous. Today alone, I’ve seen a cinnamon roll hug with strangers, a heartwarming interview with a street performer (who has the voice of an angel), a conspiracy theory party, and the construction of paper airplanes using only mouths. Best GishWHes ever? I think it might be.

Best of luck to each and every Gisher. The end of the hunt is fast approaching!

Now go hot glue some kale.

The Collected Mutineer


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