GishWHes 2015: Day Four


It’s day four of GishWHes, and I’m exhausted, delighted and all kale-d out. Team SoCal may be small, but we are mighty. My team members have surprised me with their willingness to get silly, but also to be kind to others and giving of themselves. Yesterday, we created a mobile library out of my minivan, and proceeded to find out how subversive free literature really is by getting kicked out of three different places. Eventually, we found a group of elderly folks hanging outside of the senior center heading to the local casino and in need of entertainment to pass the time as they waited for their bus. We met some sweet old ladies and one who had already read all the Dean Koontz books I donated from my personal collection.

My kind of lady.

I also had the distinct pleasure of documenting the end of the world and the kale-pocalypse with my weird-o teammates, and it only took four takes and one instance of me falling on the floor laughing before we got the 14 seconds.

GishWHes never disappoints.

After four days of gishing, my teammates are tired but determined, yet unsurprisingly, we’re all still having a blast. The team chatroom has been a blessing–we are in communication all day, and gain encouragement from routine updates on how the hunt is progressing for Team Mutiny.

Today, I drove to multiple stores, hunting for a velour jumpsuit. In my size. In August. Not a simple task, but I found what I needed to make the trip to Santa Monica tomorrow, where I plan to play hopscotch with Ruthie Connell, Katheryn Newton and Alaina Huffman.


If I were to describe my GiShWhes experience in one word, it would be: Abnosome

Mutineer Diva

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