GishWHes 2015: Day Two


Captain’s Log. Star Date 93188.89

GiShWheS is upon us, and, luckily, my family, friends, and acquaintances have come to expect the insane from me during the first week of August. 1 am, a text to my brother: hey would you and your wife dress up as Mary & Joseph and go to Wal-mart? 3 am, a text to my aunt: can you find me a lion to read a story to? 10 am, a text to my mother: i need a miracle Noon, a text to a friend: hey i need to trap a hipster. when are you available? 

Yes, the insane is expected for GIsHwHeS. When I see a riddle amidst the list of items, I expect it to take me hours to solve (and it did…curse you item 184!). When I see the request for this year’s GisHwHeS couture made from construction paper, I expect it to take me days. A motorboat atop an aeroplane? Par for the GiSHwhES course.

However, I’m continually surprised with what I don’t expect from this week of mayhem, creativity, and kindness. I don’t expect people to say “yes” when I ask them to do weird things like dress like a fairy or sing “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” with me in harmony. But they do, and each time my worldview gets a little more optimistic. This is the death of my normalcy, the death of a world in which I expect can nothing from anyone else.

I now know that I can expect miracles from my crew. My team is a hardworking bunch and already accomplishing the impossible. A trip to the White House? Easy peasy for our east coasters. Turn a rest stop in to a paradise? Hand us a daiquiri and we’re on it. They’ve already astonished me with what they’ve accomplished, and we’re only on day two. My day in London is winding to a close, and though I have hours of dress fabrication ahead of me, I know that I can text them at any hour of the day and get encouragement, sometimes even in the form of a hilarious Dubsmash video from Diva.

They’re a wonderful crew, dedicated to fun, good deeds, and kindness. I couldn’t be prouder.

If I were to sum up my day in one word it would have to be: unexpected

May Chuck bless all the Gishers this week.

-Mutineer Collectress, co-captain of Team Mutiny in the Impala 

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