GishWHes 2015: Day One


The hunt is on. Team Mutiny in the Impala consists of today’s boldest and brightest, and we play to win. Or at least for kale.

The day began early for me, as the list went up at 6am California time. The Mutineers met in the team chat and began to try and organize the mayhem that is GiSHwheS. Back in the real world, I invited team SoCal over to my house to get started on shopping, collecting, begging and laughing our asses off.

You haven’t lived until you’ve enjoyed a serious discussion between sock-monkey-hat-wearing friends about dog armor and weaponry in the middle of the 99 Cents Store.

At some point, I started checking chat again, and watched as my friends in England marked 5 items of their task list before I had even found my eye patch.We had a couple of girls on a road trip– and yeah, I got a text from the White House today. With members all over the Continental United States and a good number overseas, we’ve got a bunch of timezones covered, which means the Mutineers are pretty much a 24-hour team.

Which is awesome.

The Collectress, the Spaniard and I have discovered the joys of Dubsmash, and so we’ve been sending them to our gishers all day, as encouragement and a break in the monotony of creating 60 bookmarks for our mobile free library, which to say, wasn’t monotonous at all.

The most meaningful moment for me today was deciding to go visit Nan, who passed away about a month ago. I wrote her something and left her a sock monkey hat and one of the books from the mobile library in my car. Last year, Nan helped me with two GisHWhes items and I know she would have worn the hat, had I asked her. The afternoon sun burned my shoulders, but the grass felt nice, and I sat by her grave for a while, enjoying the reprieve.

Tonight, I’m tired. I’m excited. Tomorrow, I plan on trying my hand at sand art.

If I were to sum up my day in one word it would have to be: Beginning

Chuck help us all, it’s GiSHWEs Week.

Mutineer Diva

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