Geektivities: The Griffith Park Teahouse

When my friend Emmy text me to ask if she could crash on my couch this week so that we might make a pilgrimage to Misha Collins’ jogging path through the Hollywood Hills, I didn’t know what to say at first. Well, yes, I did. I called her crazy.

“Crazy good, or crazy bad??” She text.

“Both.” I replied. “Both.”

Emmy left her home in San Francisco to make the six hour drive to Los Angeles, arriving in time for a late lunch/early dinner at In ‘N’ Out and a movie night that consisted of “Saturday Night Fever” on Netflix, which was a much more problematic film than I remembered it to be, if I’m being honest. We went to bed at a decent hour because we planned to leave early enough to beat the SoCal heat on the hills, and set out before 9am to Hollywood, California to visit the Griffith Park Teahouse, a piece of installation art built by a group of anonymous artists from the area with reclaimed wood from the 2007 fires.

The June 30th sunrise unveiling of the Teahouse was covered by the Los Angeles Times and sparked the interest of our overlord, who tweeted the article, quickly causing fans to draw conclusions that our quirky, woodworking, GishWheS masterminding, Hollywood Hills jogging ringleader just might have something to do with the project.


Regardless, Emmy and I were curious and determined to experience tea in the Hollywood Hills, and so, along with baby Diva, hiked the roughly 2 mile trek up (and up and up) to Taco Peak, where the structure sits on a previously laid foundation for only a few more days. The Los Angeles Park system has decided that the illegally built structure has to go, and have plans to move it to a new location as soon as July 27th, and so visitors must get their wishes in and ring the gong within the next 3 days, before the art is gone. With an invitation to “make a wish” carved onto a plaque outside the door of the Teahouse, Angelinos are asked to write down their hope for the City of Angels, and then ring the bell for it to come true. There are hundreds of wishes adorning the walls inside the small building, new ones added each day for the last month. Emmy and I both took the time to write down a wish and enjoyed the company of other hikers who happened upon the structure. Some who knew about the structure and the person who allegedly helped create the art, others stumbled upon it on an otherwise innocuous trek through the hills beneath the Hollywood sign, eager to participate, take pictures and tell their friends about the interesting and unique place they happened to visit that day.

As we sat in the small wooden house in a hill gazing across the Verdugos and San Gabriel Mountains, I had the urge to write a poem, extolling the sun and wind, a haiku that might express the serenity I felt looking out over the city I was born and raised in. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the haiku structure without Collectress there to remind me and I couldn’t get service up on that damn hill to Google it, so I opted to sit quietly and enjoy the view and contemplate my wish. See the images below to find out what I wrote!

If you are in the area this weekend and don’t mind sweating, I encourage you to head up to Taco Peak and visit the Griffith Park Teahouse. It is only there until Sunday, and who knows what will happen after that.

If you are interested in signing the petition to allow the structure to remain standing, sign here. A big thank you to the artists who trekked up the fire road with large pieces of wood and stamina for days, creating a unique piece of art and community-wide gift for us all to share.

xoxo C. Diva

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Photos by C. Diva (except the Misha one)