The Mori-Theory Conspiracy: A Sherlock Podcast

moritheory 1

Over the past few days, the Collected Mutineer and I have become conspiracy theorists. If you follow me on Snapchat, you already knew that. We’ve been rewatching all the series of Sherlockwhich, sadly, only took a day and a half with frequent breaks for food and YouTubing. As we watched we mapped out theories that we have that involve everyone’s favourite villain, Moriarty, and decided to do a wee podcast to discuss them with you. Do not listen if you are not caught up with the show as there are spoilers EVERYWHERE. Nothing is safe. 

If you’re too lazy to click “play” on the audio file, here is the reader’s digest version.

1. Moriarty has a twin.

moritheory 2

What better way to bring back a character than to have him never be dead at all? This is a favourite trope of soap operas, and it was even featured pretty prominently in The Prestige a few years ago. Don’t think Moriarty can be a twin? Read this theory on his right-handed v. left-handedness and then watch this clip below. (psst…didn’t he have a brother in the ACD stories???)

2. Moriarty has a sister.

moritheory 3

So maybe the Moriarty that’s come back isn’t Jim, but rather his sister…who we think might be Janine. Thoughts? Here, have some meta.

3. “Moriarty” is an organization, not a person.

moritheory 4

Perhaps the longest and loudest speculation we had is about whether or not Moriarty could accomplish the international web of crime by himself. Maybe Moriarty never left because, dun dun dun, Moriarty is just the title of the international master of crime.

4. Mary is involved.

moritheory 5

We’ve got SO many theories about Mary Morstan that she gets her own category. Could she be related to Moriarty? Have worked for Moriarty? BE Moran? We could talk about Mary all day (in fact, we have). Here’s some fascinating meta on Mary and her involvement in the darker dealings of the series.

Sadly, these are just that, theories, until Moffat and Gatiss can be bothered to write series four. Or, you know, they could just hire us.

-The Collectress

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