Cosplay and Culture at SDCC 2015


The Collective bloggers were reunited for an amazing weekend of nerd-ery and cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con International. If you’ve been reading our blog for awhile, then you know that we love every part of cosplay, from construction to photoshoot. In addition to donning our own cosplays, we made sure to document the very best from SDCC 2015 to share with you!

The highlight of all the cosplays for me was the Women of the Haunted Mansion, who performed at the masquerade. Check out their awesomeness below:

The Collectress and I also tried something new: instead of stuffing safety pins into a purse, we brought along a mini cosplay repair kit. Thank you, Pinterest! This little thing saved us on more than one occasion over the weekend, and I will never cosplay without it again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our latest foray into cosplay and culture. If you missed our coverage of SDCC, please check out the latest fan news here.


The Collected Mutineer