Fanfic Wednesday: “In Need of a Proper Hug”


This week, I’m more than a little sleep deprived after having just arrived back in London after SDCC. Now, I’ve got some ambitious plans for FF recs in the next few weeks, but for now, my jet-lagged brain just wants Drarry fluff.

In Need of a Proper Hug by Faith Wood (faithwood)

Word Count: 2086
Pairing(s): Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Rating: There be smut ahead, mateys (NSFW)

Author’s Summary

Draco rescues a poor, poor koala, which won’t stop hugging him. Inspired by this pic of DanRad hugging Jack Huston aka Jack Kerouac in Kill Your Darlings, and this comment: “I’ve decided that he is part koala, and I think you should write a story where Harry becomes an Animagus, turns into a koala, and clings constantly to Draco.” Beware of cute. Bring a toothbrush.

My Thoughts

Heed the author’s warning in the summary when she says “Bring a toothbrush” because this one is so sweet it will give you a cavity.


via giphy

Drarry + koala bears = my happy place.

-The Collectress

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