First Glimpse of the Sherlock Special at SDCC


Today’s BBC Sherlock panel at San Diego Comic-Con International gave fans a glimpse of the upcoming Christmas special in more ways than one. When it was announced that Andrew Scott would not be joining Stephen Moffat, Sue Vertue, and Rupert Graves, the audience was shown this “homemade” special message from the stars who were too busy to make it to SDCC.

Take a moment to let your ovaries cool off…

We were then shown an exclusive clip from the Victorian-era special. Check it out below!

In addition to the clips, we learned a few other gems from the creative minds behind the show. While they hope to show the special at Christmas on BBC1, that isn’t necessarily set in stone as it isn’t Christmas themed. They will, however, be showing it in selected theaters around the world! Moffat also confirmed that the special is not linked in any way to the other modern storylines, and mentioned that he and Gatiss did not have any specific reason for setting it in Victorian England other than they wanted to see how their versions of the iconic characters would function in the original Doyle world. A challenge for them, however, was continuing to incorporate the strong characters of Mrs. Hudson, Molly Hooper, and Mary Watson—as anyone who has read the original stories knows, the importance of female characters is sparse, with few lines being afforded them.

Hopefully, we won’t be 80 when the special airs.

Until tomorrow!

The Collected Mutineer


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