Shipping 101: Nyssa Al Ghul and Sara Lance

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Hello class and welcome back to Shipping 101!

For Kick Ass Women in Comics Week, we are boarding the femslash ship of Nyssa al Ghul and Sara Lance of DC’s comic book adaptation, The ArrowIn the comics, the Black Canary is Dinah (Laurel) Lance, but in the television show, before Laurel picks up the super hero mantle, it belongs to her sister, Sara. On Arrow, Sara is trained by the League of Assassins and it is on Nanda Parbat that Nyssa and Sara meet and fall in love. The history between these two is complex and fraught with deception and pain, but Nyssa and Sara come through it all with a strong sense of self and love for one another. Even when Nyssa is working against Sara, it is only to protect her from the vengeance of her father, Ra’s al Ghul.

If you’re into femslash, angsty love stories that don’t always have a happy ending and kick ass comic book ladies, check out author gnimaerd below. While I’m not HUGE into the fandom, this writer depicts the love story of Nyssa and Sara with astonishing clarity and a simplicity that can’t be beat.

This is How it Begins

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