Fanfic Wednesday: Some Black Widow and Some Scarlet Witch


This week, I’m bringing you two fanfics that are woman Avenger-centric, to go along with this week’s theme of Kick Ass Women in Comics. Please go read up on our superheroine geek chic and our awesome Catwoman makeup tutorial!

Rec #1: Five Times an Avenger Accidentally Woke Natasha Up by Margo_Kim

Word Count: 4482
Pairing(s): Subtle Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov
Rating: You could read this in front of your grandmother

Author’s Summary

Written for the Avengers kink meme: “Because of hectic lifestyle and constant danger while on extended missions, Clint and/or Natasha is an exceptionally light sleeper. Any kind of gentle stimulus wakes him/her/them up. And given the nature of Avengers Tower, there are a lot of people bouncing around at all hours.”

At the best of times, Natasha isn’t a heavy sleeper. At the Tower, it seems she can barely get through a night.

My Thoughts

We all know that Black Widow is kick ass, but the beauty of fanfiction is that it presents the sides of the bad ass spies that we’d never get to see in the movies. Namely, Natasha’s sleeping habits. As a person who’s lived with roommates, housemates, and/or really loud neighbours all her life, this story made me laugh because this is the curse of the light sleeper: no one is ever quiet enough. 

Read if you love Natasha-centric team-bonding fics.

Rec #2: Tentative by thefairyknight

Word Count: 6917
Pairing(s): Wanda Maximoff/Vision
Rating: Teen + up

Author’s Summary

Wanda once made Pietro promise that if anything actually happened to her, he would move on.

My Thoughts

Okay, so the ship I ship most in the Marvel Universe (to specify: Earth-616)…aside from Stony…is Scarlet Witch/Vision. I will read that all day, every day, if I could, but damn it all if there isn’t 1) enough comics to satisfy my craving and 2) enough fanfiction to supplement my craving.

And this is the part of the film where I DIED.
And this is the part of the film where I DIED.

After Age of Ultron, my need for this pairing has only grown. I want it, I need it, but there are currently less than 200 completed fics on AO3 with this pairing (get it together, authors!). “Tentative” is my favourite because it deals with Wanda’s emotional withdrawal after losing Pietro (we’re still crying about that over here) and her reluctance to trust the New Avengers team. However, the Vision is nothing if not persistent, and soon, Wanda finds herself growing confident in her powers and her new teammates. It’s a little bit of growing pains, a little bit of angst, and a lot of team feels.

This one comes with a high recommendation.

-The Collectress

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