Super Heroine (Geek) Chic

Welcome to Kick Ass Women in Comics Week here on the Collective Blog! Each day, we will be exploring our usual content through the lense of women in comics. Sit back and enjoy the ride, it’s gonna be an exciting week.


Every superhero needs supergear to look and feel the part. Here are some of my favorite Super Heroine Geek Chic items across the interwebs. Click on the links to go to the page and BUY BUY BUY!


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1) DC Bombshells Art Print Sets


DC Comics Bombshells is DC Collectibles’ new line featuring the female superstars in poses inspired by classic pin-up art. Featuring Supergirl, Poison Ivy and more, these 50’s vintage art pieces are perfect to show off your comic book love in your home or office. The Quantum Mechanix website has 10 of these lovely prints designed by Ant Lucia available for purchase now.

Bombshell art prints $15-30
Bombshell art prints $15-30

2) Black Widow Icon Tee

$20 is the place to go for geek girl fashion. The site offers female fans a chance to wear their faves in OUR size, OUR fit and on OUR terms. While Marvel has failed to properly promote the awesomeness that is Black Widow, we do get a few items showcasing the superhero, and this is one of them.

Black Widow tee $20
Black Widow tee $20

3) Princess Leia Skater Dress


Every girl needs a comfy and cute outfit for saving the galaxy, and this Princess Leia dress fits the bill. This hooded replica of Leia’s robe and bun ensemble comes in 5 different sizes and in 6 different galaxies.


4) Gamora Nebula Sisters Tee


These badass sisters are sugar and spice, but not very nice. If you want to remind the boys that you can kick ass AND take names, pick up one of these Guardians of the Galaxy inspired tees and put the fear of GIRL into them.

Gamora Nebula Sisters tee $20
Gamora Nebula Sisters tee $20

5) Agent Carter Pop Funko Doll


To be released August 30, 2015 by Pop Vinyl, this Agent Carter doll is a perfect addition to your collection. While you might say that Peggy Carter doesn’t have any super powers, I’d argue that dealing with the misogynistic SSR and not kicking all those dudes’ asses that ask her to grab them a cup of coffee IS A DEFINITE super power.


6) In Carol We Trust Tee


This shirt on the Hot Topic website is just waiting for me to snatch it up for my zombie preparedness kit. No one character’s grown in the Walking Dead universe more than Carol Peletier, and yeah, I definitely trust her with my life and my fashion.


7) Black Canary Comic #1


Dinah Laurel Lance is making a come back in the DC Universe with her very own comic book, released June 17th. Set after her time as a vigilante and a solider, Dinah (Laurel on the tv show) is front woman for the band, Black Canary, but can’t seem to stay away from trouble. With stunning illustrations by Annie Wu, this new series in the DC canon looks to be an exciting addition for fans.

Black Canary #1

8) Star Fire and Raven (Teen Titans Go!) Handpainted Converse


If you love Teen Titans GO! and shoes, these hand-painted Converse tennis shoes featuring characters Starfire, Raven and more NEED to be added to your collection. offers original shoe art for a number of different fandoms, and these are perfect for a TTG comic or cartoon fiend.

Handpainted TTG Converse $79-125
Hand-painted TTG Converse $130

9) Silk Comic Tote Bag


Want to impress Robbie Thompson (or the Collectress, who reads this comic religiously) or simply show the world your love of Silk? Head over to Redbubble and pick up this badass tote, featuring the newest Marvel super hero, Silk.

Silk Tote Bag $24
Silk Tote Bag $24

10) Harley Quinn Statue


Super villian? Super hero? The lines are thin and easily crossed in Gotham City. Perfect for that geek shelf on your display case, this 9.5 inch tall Harley Quinn figurine is sure to pack a punch. Based on the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game, this statue from the official DC Entertainment website is sculpted by Jack Mathews and is as creepy as she is kick ass.

Harley Quinn statue $124