The Best of “Supernatural” Season 10 Music

There is no doubt, music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas knows how to put together an amazing soundtrack and Season 10 might be my favorite, so far.

Here’s some music magic and ten of my favorites from Season 10, to help you through the hellatus.

xoxo C. Diva

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1) Heartbreaker (Pat Benatar)

Episode: Black

Coolest. Opening. Ever.

What happened, Season 10? You promised to break my heart, but I’m just confused and, well, we did not get enough Demon Dean, and that’s the truth.

(Here’s the long version)

2) The Weight (The Band)

Episode: Hibbing 911

I have a special place in my heart for when Jensen Ackles sings this song at cons, but I must admit, this version is pretty awesome, too. I like when the boys are driving listening to cool music, so sue me.

3) Behind Blue Eyes (The Who)

Episode: Book of the Damned

Oh shit, here come the season 10 Winchester feels. I dare you to listen to the lyrics of this song and not think about poor Dean, struggling with the Mark and (missing Cas) angsting about all things, forever, Sam lying and keeping secrets to “save” Dean, Cas…Charlie!! Ugh…

4) Long Black Road (Electric Light Orchestra)

Episode: The Hunter Games

I have a thing for opening scenes with badass music, obviously. Also, this song is so much fun and “long black road”, come on, you know that reminds you of Baby. Half the reason I watch the show is that damn car. Other half–Jensen Ackles freckles.

(Here’s the long version)

5) Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (Willie Nelson)

Episode: Angel Heart

Episode also known as “Me and My Two Dads”, this song actually made me tear up as I watched Claire drive away into the sunset, which is where the show continuity lives now, I dunno. Hope you come back soon, Claire!

6) Hey There Lonely Girl (Eddie Holman)

Episode: Reichenbach

Holy shit, when this song came on in the bar while Crowley stared at pics of he and Dean, I fucking lost it. Timing is everything, people, and Season 10 had the BEST timing in terms of music.

7) Take Me To Church (Hozier)

Episode: Halt & Catch Fire

I love this song. While it wasn’t a scene with the boys (or Dean and Cas per my head canon), the song fits the show, simple as that. Really, this episode, set on a college campus, had the most modern music of the whole season, including an Avett Brothers song that is in current rotation on my playlist.

8) The Gambler (Kenny Rogers)

Episode: Inside Man

This is Bobby’s song. We hear it in S6xE04 “Weekend at Bobby’s” and we hear it again in Bobby’s heaven when the Sam and Cas summon him for help getting Metatron. ALSO best line ever: “The Bobby’s are surely” DAMN RIGHT THEY ARE! I will forever associate this with that grumpy old idjit, bless his heart.

(Here’s the long version)

9) All the Original Music from Fan Fiction (Written by Robbie Thompson, performed by various)

Episode: Fan Fiction

Oh gosh, I love this episode. Love it! Robbie did such a great job creating the lyrics to these original songs, I had to include, well, all of them. My favorite is “I’ll Just Wait Here Then”. The worst part? The fact that just like IRL, Dean never finds out Cas waited for him on the side of the road during “The End” because while this song was going on in the play, he was running around chasing Calliope. Le sigh…

10) Go Wherever You Want to Go (Patty Griffin)

Episode: Prisoner

This song has stuck with me since the death of Charlie and, really, the lyrics are beautiful and poetic; perfect for the senseless death of one of the show’s most beloved characters. You didn’t think I was going to spare the feels, did you?

(Here’s the long version)