An Epic Marvel Rewatch with the Collectress

Source: wikipedia
Source: wikipedia

As a graduate student in the ABD phase (‘all but dissertation’), I spend much of my day at home, perched in front of my laptop, trying to outline a novel. (Breaking news: writer’s block sucks). A few weeks ago, procrastination struck, and I wondered how long it would take to watch all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The answer: 68.26 hours, or, 2.84 days.

Next, I wondered what the exact chronological viewing order would be of the MCU. I pulled up Marvel’s website, started looking at the timelines, and, well, below is a chart. If I watch approximately three hours of the MCU per day, I will finish with season 2 of Agents of SHIELD in approximately 24 days, which will give me just enough time to pack my suitcases and head to California for SDCC.

Now I wonder if my viewing experience of the MCU will change when I watch in chronological order, and I intend to live tweet my watching using the hashtag #EpicMarvelRewatch. The chart that follows is the chronological order, grouped together with how I intend to view the episodes. If you dare to follow along, come tweet with me, and we’ll have a grand time.

-The Collectress

Film/Episode Title Running Length
Captain America: The First Avenger 124 minutes
Agent Carter Season 1 336 minutes (5.6 hours)
Marvel one-shot Agent Carter 15 minutes
Iron Man 126 minutes
Iron Man 2 124 minutes
The Incredible Hulk 112 minutes
Marvel One-Shot: Thor’s hammer 4 minutes
Thor 115 minutes
Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant 4 minutes
The Avengers 143 minutes
Marvel One-Shot: Item 47 12 minutes
Iron Man 3 130 minutes
Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King 14 minutes
AoS Pilot 42 minutes
AoS “0-8-4”, “The Asset”, “Eye-Spy,” “Girl in the Flower Dress” 168 minutes 42 minutes/episode
AoS “Fzzt”, “The Hub” 84 minutes42 minutes/episode
Thor: the Dark World 112 minutes
AoS “The Well”, “Repairs”, “The Bridge,” “The Magical Place” 168 minutes42 mins/episode
AoS “Seeds,” “Tracks,” “Tahiti,” “Yes Men” 168 minutes42 mins/episode
AoS “End of the Beginning” 42 minutes
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 136 minutes
AoS “Turn, turn, turn,” “Providence”, “The Only Light in Darkness”, “Nothing Personal” 168 minutes42 mins/episode
AoS “Rag Tag” “Beginning of the End” 84 minutes42 minutes/episode
Guardians of the Galaxy 121 minutes
Daredevil “Into the Ring”, “Cut Man”, “Rabbit in a Snowstorm” 159 minutes53 minutes/episode
Daredevil “In the Blood”, “World on Fire”, “Condemned” 159 minutes53 minutes/episode
Daredevil “Stick”, “Shadows in the Glass”, “Speak of the Devil” 159 minutes53 minutes/episode
Daredevil “Nelson v. Murdock”, “The Path of the Righteous”, “The Ones We Leave Behind” 159 minutes53 minutes/episode
Daredevil “Daredevil” 53 minutes
AoS “Shadows”, “Heavy is the Head”, “Making Friends & Influencing People”, “Face My Enemy” 126 minutes42 minutes/episodes
AoS “A Hen in Wolf House” “A Fractured House”, “The Writing on the Wall”, “The Things We Bury” 168 minutes
AoS “Ye Who Enter Here”, “What They Become”, “Aftershocks”, “Who You Really Are” 168 minutes 42 minutes/episode
AoS “One of Us”, “Love in the Time of Hydra”, “One Door Closes”, “Afterlife” 168 minutes 42 minutes/episode
AoS “Melinda”, “The Frenemy of my Enemy”, “The Dirty Half Dozen” 126 minutes42 minutes/episodes
Avengers Age of Ultron 141 minutes
AoS “Scars”, “S.O.S. part 1”, “S.O.S. part 2” 126 minutes42 minutes/episodes

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