The Collective’s 2nd Anniversary AMA

The Collective Bloggers are participating in an AMA to celebrate two years of geeky content. It’s time to answer YOUR questions (and a few of our own).

The Collectress 

Words about this video? Watch it.

Also, if you want to see our GiShWHeS kale throne, click here. I’m immensely proud of it. And here is the moment when Tahmoh Penikett held me in his arms (best moment of my life).

Fave fanfic? (disclaimer: These aren’t all of my all-time faves. I have too many too list. These are just what I’m currently loving.)

“Take Two” by ashinan
“imagine me and you” by baylorrific
“out of the deep” by riseofthefallenone

Jeremy Caesar

From Emily: Do any of you have any regrettable fandoms? Fandoms you wished to forget so badly but are so burned into your memory. I myself was once very locked into the J-pop/K-pop fandom and I do have many regrets (but not really).
Jeremy: I don’t think I have any regrettable fandoms. I was obsessed with Pokemon as a kid. I stole money to buy cards. Not proud of my actions, but don’t regret the rush!
From Diva: Have you ever met a celeb and silently (or not so silently) freaked out (in a good way!)? What were the circumstances?
Kevin Winter, Getty ImagesJeremy: Christian Bale was a pretty big one. He was standing in the parking lot after a Q&A. There was a line of people waiting to meet him. I walked by thinking it wasn’t worth it, but then I was like, “It’s Christian fucking Bale! When am I gonna get this opportunity again?” I waited in line, briefly shook his hand and left.
From the Collectress: Kiss, marry, slap? CATE BLANCHETT, NATALIE PORTMAN, JESSICA CHASTAIN?
Jeremy: I’d kiss Natalie Portman because damn. I’d slap Jessica Chastain for being so classy. I’d marry Cate Blanchett for the conversations. 
From the Spaniard: Dream cosplay? Who would you want to be?
Jeremy: Gandalf. Dumbledore. Anything with a robe

The Collectiva Diva

Here goes nothing! 

My AMA video is a raw nonedited piece of I-dunno-what. I am no vlogger, but I wanted to do something that I knew my blouse (blog-spouse) would appreciate. Out of the comfort zone, I go! There are a few things I forgot to get on my video. I also really regretted not mentioning my two new favorite Destiel fic writers, Museaway and NorthernSparrow in my fave fic list! Gosh, I was so nervous, I went to my old time faves, but I read new stuff too, I swear. Click the links and read everything they’ve written. 

Click here to see something I did in the name of the Overlord.

Weirdest fic?

If by weird you mean beautiful and sweet…read Scaramouche’s 8 Tentacles fic.

The Collected Mutineer (“The Spaniard”)

Click here to see my Maleficent outfit for our Disney villains photoshoot. 🙂
Why don’t pirates go to strip clubs? They already have all the booty

That Geek Online (“Makeup Katie”)

Here’s to many more years in geekdom!

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