Cosplay and Culture at MCM London Comic Con (May 2015)



London is so cool that they feature not one, but two MCM Comic Cons a year. We attended the one in October, where we oohed and ahhed over complex cosplays and the handsome Neil Jackson. This past weekend the Collectress and I were happy to attend again in various capacities, as cosplayers, photographers, and journalists.

Just like at October’s convention, there are always things to do besides cosplay. (Honestly, you could probably spend an entire day trying to talk yourself out of spending your life savings at the merch booths. I just barely resisted purchasing a replica of Andúril, Flame of the West.) But cosplay is undoubtedly a large part of modern nerd culture, and rightfully so. It is as much an art form as it is just plain fun. The Collectress and I have done our fair share of cosplaying over the years and decided that in addition to posting the most recent cosplay gallery, we would share some tips about attending a convention while dressed in your best.

Cosplay 101

1.) Hydrate beforehand. You may not get a chance to drink a lot of fluids during the day, and even if you do, visiting the toilet while in costume can be a hassle.

2.) Have a minion. If you can coordinate it, have a friend come with you who can carry your phone and wallet, and any purchases you may make.

3.) Bring safety pins and bobby pins. You never know what last minute emergencies may arise.

4.) If your cosplay includes a corset and/or wig, test them out prior to attending the convention. Walk around your house in complete costume to make sure you can stand the weight of your wig. If the wig is quite heavy, or you move your head around a lot, consider buying some toupee tape. If your corset is new, keep it on for a few hours to break it in.

5.) Attitude. Even if you aren’t in character the whole time, slipping into it for photos is important. Practice faces in front of a mirror beforehand, as well as poses.

6.) Make certain that your shoes are well broken in. Account for blistering in uncomfortable shoes, and consider that you may be on your feet all day. Can you manage those heels? Buy some sole inserts, and bring band-aids.

7.) Duct tape. It might sound strange, but again, accidents happen and duct tape can salvage a lot of things.

8.) Depending on your props, be sure to check the weapons policies. They usually differ by country.

9.) If your cosplay requires makeup, be certain to keep some essentials around in case you need to touch up. If you are wearing false eyelashes, bring your eyelash glue and a pair of tweezers for emergency reattachments.

10.) Don’t be afraid to say no. Cosplay does not equal consent, and if someone touches you without your permission, it’s okay to walk away. Don’t feel obligated to take a photo with anyone who makes you uncomfortable.

Best of luck to you future cosplayers! We hope you enjoy these photos.


The Collected Mutineer

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