Fanfic Wednesday: “This Is How It Begins” and “Crimson”


This week, we’re bringing you some nice femslash from Arrowand some Ichabbie written by one of our very own Collective writers. Happy reading, shippers! -The Collectress

This is How It Begins” by gnimaerd

Recced by: the Collectiva Diva
Word Count: 1916
Pairing(s): Nyssa al Ghul/Sara Lance (Arrow)
Rating: Explicit (def NSFW)

Author’s Summary

The first time, Nyssa seeks Sara out in Nanda Parbat. This is how they begin.

Diva’s Thoughts

These two are from different worlds, but somehow, they fit like two puzzle pieces, complimenting each other and fulfilling needs neither even knew they had. Nyssa is kind and Sara is sweet and I love the dynamic the pair have when they are alone and falling in love. 

Crimson” by jacksqueen16

Recced by: the Collectress
Word Count: 2459
Pairing(s): Ichabod Crane/Abigail Mills (Sleepy Hollow)
Rating: Explicit (def NSFW)

Author’s Summary

In which Ichabod learns that Abbie looks lovely in an 18th century dress. So lovely that he cannot keep his hands to himself.

My Thoughts

So I went looking for an Ichabbie fic the other day, and remembered this lovely gem that the Spaniard wrote last Halloween. Honestly, it’s my favourite Ichabbie fic that I’ve read, and I’m not just saying that because she’s a friend. She’s got a lovely way with words; my particular favourite lines are: “Ichabod drank the rest of the wine before his abrupt courage ran out. He set the glass down on the nearest table, and touched Lieutenant Mills’ hand where it nestled against the inside of his elbow. Her fingers were relaxed, but he could feel the heat of her skin through his coat and shirt. “We indeed, Lieutenant.”

Also, Ichabbie smut. What’s not to love?

-The Collectress

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