Fanfic Wednesday: “May the Fourth” 


May the Fourth (series) by Footloose

Word Count: 10,450
Pairing(s): Merlin/Arthur Pendragon
Rating: G, T 

Author’s Summary

Sunset Over Coruscant (part 1)Arthur Pendragon, war hero of the battle of Albion, fully expects that the Jedi High Council will do whatever they can to convince him to leave his galaxy and lead an army against the Sith. He doesn’t expect them to stoop so low as to dangle a lure impossible for him to refuse.

Trust a Smuggler (part 2): The battle is over but the war isn’t won. The Empire is in retreat, and the Republic can’t give them the time to recoup their strength when they themselves are running on their last reserves. When the war hero Arthur Pendragon comes up with a plan to strike at the very heart of the Empire, Merlin isn’t about to let him go alone.

The Devil of the Outer Reaches (part 3): The Emperor’s minions catch up to Arthur Pendragon just as he is about to make a deal with the Devil of the Outer Reaches in a plan to curtail the Empire. He can’t count on the rogue smuggler or his partner to help him out in a firefight, and where the bloody Hell is Merlin?

My Thoughts

I love Footloose, and I love space operas. I love Footloose’s space operas, and hey, it’s the time of year to read Star Wars AUs, right?

Read these if you love Merthur, Star Wars, and the idea of seeing Merlin use the Force to kick some arse.

-The Collectress

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