Supernatural Reactionary Post: “The Werther Project”


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Episode 10×19 or “The One With More Purgatory”

So far this season: Dean’s been cured from demonism; Crowley was his BFF; Cas was losing his grace until Crowley saved him; and Sam has done his best to reign in Dean’s homicidal tendencies. Claire Novak has also reappeared and swears she doesn’t need a father figure. Cain has confirmed that there is no cure for the Mark. And Crowley has a mother? Spoilers ahead.

So this post is going to deviate from the traditional because I’ve broken my brain staying up for 48 hours to write sociology essays while working full time. So, I’m going to give you my thoughts on the latest Supernatural episode in the most basic language I can muster: gifs.

A creepy suicide house intro set in the 1970s? A Men of Letters mystery box filled with homicidal intent?

This is the first time the show has been scary in seasons. I’m…a teensy bit terrified.


Sam teams up with Rowena

Someone of Sammy’s intellect is sure making a stupid decision to team up with the most powerful witch on Earth. Agreeing to kill Crowley in exchange for a cure? Helping her find a wickedly powerful magic box that was created by Magnus? Sammy, what have we learned about making deals with the devil? (Nothing, apparently)

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Rowena is Fabulous

Would you like extra sass with that awesome? Rowena is quickly becoming my favourite thing about this season. Her charming ruthlessness and cunning manipulations have won her my devotion. #RowenaForQueen

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Dean Returns to Purgatory…sort of

Now when Jensen Ackles tweeted a picture that looked a lot like the setting of purgatory, the fandom damn near broke from excitement. Purgatory is pureand allows Dean to embrace the violent side of himself, no guilt attached (okay well maybe just a little guilt). So when the Werther Box has Dean hallucinating Purgatory and everybody’s favourite vampire friend, that should have been the highlight of the episode. But was it?

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The dialogue between Dean and Benny seems stilted, awkward, and forced. In a word? Meh.

A Sam-centric episode? Please may I have some more?

You’ve all heard me bitch about Sam’s lack of subplot this season. Well, Sam and his new BFF, Rowena, are giving me all the subplot I could ask for. Secret mission to save Dean? Check. Deal with the devil…err…powerful sorceress? Check. Fabulous hair? CHECK. Most importantly, I’m getting season 4 feels. Dark, obsessive, secretive Sam? CHECK CHECK CHECK.

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via giphy


This means two things for the fandom (1) things are going to go to shit for the Winchesters and (2) this finale is going to hurt, maybe even as much as “Swan Song.” Prepare your feels.

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via giphy

-The Collectress

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  1. wrencollins

    Love Rowena, love hellbent Sam, love Benny, love your recap. Truly great episode. And you were so right about the finale, even in citing Swan Song- I’ve even written a post about the links between Brother’s Keeper and that. A really strong season overall.

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