Laura Jordan Takes on Transformative Works in her New Web Series “OTP The Show”

Bless this web series. Bless Laura Jordan and her team.

I, too, have struggled with the eternal question of “prick” or “cock”, and it is invigorating to see that others do indeed share this same dilemma.

Wait. What?

Yes, OTP The Show is a webseries about you and I, dear middle-aged fanfiction writer. Even you, my young, gay artist friend, will find yourself in these characters’ struggles, which is surprising and fun and perfect, all at once. I sat down with Creator/Writer/Fangirl Laura Jordan to talk about her 3-episode web series and Laura’s lifelong passion for transformative works.

I, too, fangirl some and discovered the web series OTP through a tweet and a connection to my Supern

atural fandom. Kim Rhodes, one of Laura Jordan’s best friends since graduate school, posted a link on the day of the series premiere, and I was intrigued. The events after are a bit blurry, but in a haze of fandom squee, I connected with Laura to discuss the unique project that is OTP. The first thing I needed to know was if Laura considers herself a “fan” of anything.

I come from a fandom family. My parents went to Star Trek conventions when Shatner would actually go. I grew up with that kind of passion being normal. Star Trek started it. I read the Star Trek novels and, as I got older, I became very aware of fanfiction. The internet makes it easier to connect with other fans. I had a Star Trek penpal and there was a newsletter, but we were mailing things to each other. The internet takes the time and expense element out of [connecting with other fans].

Laura has been a Tolkien fan since childhood, and when the first Hobbit film came out in 2013, she began Googling actors, discovered Archive of Our Own and became intrigued with the creativity within the fandom’s transformative works.

Giiiiirl, We have all been there (cue: Carry on My Wayward Son).

The world building in fanfiction is inspiring. I wish some actors and TPTB weren’t threatened or dismissive [of fanfiction], because there really is an incredible amount of creativity, love and respect for these characters, who are appealing and inspiring for fans. Fanfiction is all about learning, dabbling [and] helps create confidence, with practice.

Laura tells the story of the Spring of 2013, when she was deep into Hobbit fanfic and, around the same time, started an off-Broadway show that afforded her free time in the evenings. While her husband and daughter visited a cabin in upstate New York on the weekends, Laura worked on the show and, with her nights open, devoted real time to the study of transformative works.

Translation: She read tons of fanfiction.

jEl7-zrj_400x400Laura began to work towards creating a narrative that dealt with fanfiction and the writing community in an honest and respectful light. Thus OTP, a realistic and fun look at the transformative community, was born. The series looks at the life of two Hobbit fanfic writers, Sheila and Jeremy, who come from very different backgrounds but share a common love of fandom, writing and shaking things up in their own personal lives. The first episode (above) had me hurrying to find my headphones after the very NSFW first few lines and giggling like a madwoman at my desk at work the entire 11 minutes.

My friends, this show is about us.  

The first season of the web series consists of three episodes are already filmed and ready for release on the OTP YouTube Channel April 22 and April 29, and I already want more. OTP is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a second season and at least three more episodes of the show. Laura admits that filming S1 was a “labour of love” for both cast and crew. Not only did Laura act, write and edit the series, she also scouted locations and cooked for the crew, neither easy tasks. “I’d like to, you know, be able to pay my friends. Hire a PA to find locations and help organize,” Laura admits.

If you’re interested in helping back a worthy project and would like to know more about OTP The Show, click one of the links below to follow, share and donate now! 

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