Geek Chic: Plus-Size Cosplay, Crossplay and More at WonderCon 2015

Fairy Godmother (Disney)

The Collected Canadian, my friend and photographer Jeremy Caesar and I attended WonderCon Anaheim April 5, where cosplay is a huge part of the convention culture. This year, I wanted to find cosplayers I could relate to, specifically plus-size cosplayers, women, crossplayers and cosplayers of color. Cosplay is changing, and, as I went through our gallery, I noticed how that the people photographed are incredibly diverse, which is really indicative of the culture of the con in general.

At WonderCon this year, we saw cosplayers in wheel chairs, older cosplayers, plus-size cosplayers, kid cosplayers, cosplayers of color and everything inbetween. The different types of people we encountered reveal the changing climate of geekdom and the individuality that nerd culture is so proud of really does shine through in the images below. Everyone we talked to seemed excited to know that we might use their image on the blog and pleased that their handwork (cosplay IS hard work) had been recognized. I gave out business cards (because I’m cool like that), and really hope these fans get to see their amazing images on our page. If you like a costume, let us know in the comments below!


The Collectiva Diva

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All photos by Jeremy Caesar


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