How To Keep Cosplay Makeup On All Day

Hello, resident beauty expert Katie here, back with a post on how to keep your cosplay makeup on all day long! If you follow these simple tips, I can assure you your makeup will not slide off throughout the long con day.

Let each layer of makeup dry.

By letting the layers of makeup set before applying a second layer, you are getting better coverage, as well as better staying power. If you keep applying cream on top of wet cream, it won’t stay as well or offer the coverage/color you are looking for.

Waterproof makeup.

Using waterproof makeup, especially mascara, is going to assist greatly in keeping your makeup on all day. Trust me, having to scrub off the mascara at night is well worth not having raccoon eyes in photos! Also, if you are looking for an excellent mascara, I suggest L’Oreal Double Extend Tubes. This mascara not only has incredible staying power, but to take it off, all you have to do is hold a warm washcloth over your eyes for approximately 10 seconds and the pull down. Voila! All that mascara is off! For other mascaras, I would suggest using baby oil or, of course, makeup remover.

DO NOT touch your face.

Aside from an impromptu ice bucket challenge, the fastest way for your makeup to come off is by touching your face all day. This may seem like a no brainer, but even resting your chin on your hand, or rubbing your eyes, is a surefire way to get rid of cosplay makeup. If you absolutely MUST be touching your face, whether it’s a bad habit or just part of a pose you do, I suggest keeping a small bag with you for touch ups.

Keep a small bag for touch ups with you.

If you know you will be too busy during the day to go back to your hotel room and touch up, keep a small bag with you holding the essentials for when your makeup starts to slip off. This doesn’t have to be a big, clunky bag by any means. It just needs to be big enough to hold some concealer, powder, mascara, and your lipstick. Having these three items with you all day will prevent any “oh my gosh, my makeup looks terrible” meltdowns.

Powder, powder, POWDER.

Any cream makeup you use MUST be followed up with a powder, or else it will not stay on as long. This not only applies for foundation, but by applying powder over your eyeliner or even your lipstick will keep it on much longer. For face makeup, to eliminate the look of cakiness, use a translucent powder. If you look like Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, you have too much powder on. As far as eyeliner goes, if you are using black, take an angled brush and apply black powder over top. The same goes for every other color. Finally, for lipstick, a trick is to take a tissue, place it over your lips and dust powder through the tissue onto your lips.


I hope these tips helped you prepare for con season! I unfortunately never really cosplay (unless you count the time I wore a ducky tie to DashCon), I’m usually too busy doing panels. But being a girl who wears a full face of makeup every day to work, I know how important it is for makeup to stay on. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I will definitely answer those for you. Have a great day!


Katie is a makeup artist/blogger from the Great White North (AKA, good ol’ Canada). She spends her time creating YouTube videos, writing about anything that crosses her mind, and living vicariously through episodes How I Met Your Mother. You can check out her videos hereOther Social Media: You can find also Katie on Twitter and at her Blog.


  1. Spirit of dawn

    Whew, being a LARPer (not so much Cosplayer) who plays elves and wants her “this is not make up this is my face” make up to stay on all day – thanks for the tips
    I usually don’T wear make-up during the day, so I’m really bad at this more often than not…

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