Come Spy With Me: A Peggy Carter Makeup Tutorial

Source: Marvel Wikia
Source: Marvel Wikia

Today, our resident beauty expert, Katie, brings you a tutorial to start con season off right: Agent Peggy Carter. Now, if you haven’t seen any of Peggy most recent ass-kicking, go to Hulu and watch Marvel’s Agent Carter right now. You may also use this makeup tutorial to empower yourself to save the universe on your own (who needs a man when you’re capable of kicking ass and taking names, all while wearing high heels?); I know I will when I attend SDCC in Peggy’s voluptuous gold dress and killer lipstick. -TC

Products Used in This Tutorial: 

L’Oreal VisibleLift 18Hour Foundation in “Classic Ivory”
Maybelline Dream LumiTouch Concealer in “Radiant”
Maybelline SuperStay 24Hour Concealer in “Ivory”
Wet N’ Wild Brow Kit
Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette
Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner in “Black”
Covergirl LashBlast 24Hr Mascara
Maybelline FaceStudio Bronzer
A Random Blush
NYX Matte Lip Cream in Red



About Katie:

Katie is a makeup artist/blogger from the Great White North (AKA, good ol’ Canada). She spends her time creating YouTube videos, writing about anything that crosses her mind, and living vicariously through episodes How I Met Your Mother. You can check out her videos here.
Other Social Media: You can find also Katie on Twitter and at her Blog.

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