Musicals, Zombies, and Cosplay at London Super Comic Con 2015

lsccThis past weekend, the Collected Mutineer and I had a chance to visit London Super Comic Con at the ExCel Center in south London. Yesterday, the Mutineer delighted you with pictures of the f**king awesome cosplay that we saw, but today I’m going to tell you a bit about some of the convention highlights for us.

Musical Comics: The Future of the Industry? 

Cape Fear Comics
Cape Fear Comics

My typical approach to conventions is to spend the first day exploring the expo area. I usually do this in cosplay, because hey, I like people to recognise the work I put into my outfits, but that is neither here nor there. As I wandered through the exhibitors’ area, a man–obviously impressed by my Scarlet Witch outfit–approached me to tell me about the Cape Fear Comics’ latest creation: Sioux Warrior, a musical comic book.

A musical comic book? Such a thing exists?

Yes, it does. And I’ve got to say, it’s pretty cool. I downloaded the app to my iPad (it’s $4.99 USD in the Apple Store) and began exploring. The most unique feature of this app, is that when Sioux Warrior is opened, the panels appear in monochromatic shades until the music begins. Then, each character is brought into colour as the music plays for each panel. It’s really friggin cool.

The music is part rock opera, part Western, and it fits the plot well.

Do yourselves a favour, go check it out. 

Max Brooks Talks About Dyslexia, Writing, and the Zombie Apocalypse

Max Brooks at LSCC 2015
Max Brooks at LSCC 2015

This is the reason I was drawn to this convention in the first place: Max Brooks. If you’re unfamiliar with Max Brooks, you’ve probably heard of a little film starring Brad Pitt that came out a few years ago: World War ZThe film was (very loosely) based on Brooks’ literary work of the same name, which was on the New York Times bestseller list for several weeks in 2006. Brooks’ has also written The Zombie Survival Guide, another bestseller.

A friend attended the con with me for the sole purpose of finding Brooks and having him sign her copy of WWZ. A writer herself, she had the opportunity to speak to someone she looked up to in her field, and to discuss the art of writing. She did get her book signed; her happiness became ten-fold when she saw that Brooks had scribbled “Keep writing” in the front cover of her book.

I also had the opportunity to sit in on Brooks’ panel, in which he discussed his fixation with zombies. First, though, he discussed how he’d overcome his battle with dyslexia with the help of his mother, the late great Anne Bancroft. It was very touching to see that he credits her with his success as a writer.

After discussing some of his experiences as a writer (during this period I learned that he used to write for SNL…I hadn’t known that), he opened the floor to questions. Most people asked about the zombie apocalypse. “Where should you go if zombies roam the earth?” or “What kind of weapon is best against zombies?” Brooks was very entertaining as he answered questions; for a zombie apocalypse panel, I was a bit surprised that I laughed as much as i did (Brooks has a fondness for doing terrible accents). The best question, however, was when a woman–who was either a literature professor or avid reader of fanfiction–asked Brooks what trope in zombie films annoyed him the most. “I don’t like exploitative zombie films,” Brooks said. He also has no fondness for vampire films, stating that “To [him], vampires are spoiled brats.”

Suck that, Twilight.

Oh My Chuck, I Met Yaya Han

Yaya Han in the Syfy Fan Cam
Yaya Han in the Syfy Fan Cam

Okay, so my mission last weekend (after seeing Max Brooks), was to meet Yaya Han. If you don’t know who Yaya is, she’s pretty much the Supreme Empress of Cosplaying. I didn’t get a chance to meet her on Saturday when I was actually in costume, and by the time I arrived at the con on Sunday, my friend had already visited her table and gotten an autograph. The time for Brooks’ panel was nearing, and my duty as a reporting blogger kept me away from Yaya’s table in the exhibition area.

IMG_7665Luckily, the Collected Mutineer was standing right outside the Syfy Fan Cam area, and managed to snag a few photos of Yaya posing while I was busy learning how to avoid being eaten by zombies.

Yaya was attending the con to judge the cosplay competition, and just a few minutes before the competition was due to begin, I walked by her table and she had no one in line. The heavens opened, angels sang, and I struggled to choose which of Yaya’s photographs to have her autograph for me because they’re all so damn amazing.

She was very patient with my indecisiveness, and chatted with me for a few minutes about my cosplaying (status update: dead). We chatted for a few minutes about the absolute need for high heels when you’re as short as we are (she mentioned that she always wears boots or heels for her outfits), and then she kindly obliged me with a photo (upload photo to Instagram, #moredead). Seeing her costumes up close made me more dedicated than ever to my own, because the craftsmanship is incredibly detailed and gorgeous. SDCC is looming, and now I’m determined to bring my cosplay best.

If you haven’t already, check out the Mutineer’s cosplay gallery from LSCC, which features the winners from the costume contest.

-The Collectress

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