Geektivities: The “Arrow” and “Flash” Panels at Paleyfest 2015

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After watching the show online last year, I decided to get myself tickets to the Paleyfest, a Los Angeles event held each spring, sponsored by the Paley Foundation and this year, at the Dolby Theater. The festival ran March 6-15, opening with the Teen Wolf panel and ending with the American Horror Story cast on stage. Tickets for Paleyfest run from $30+, and there are about 3,400 seats to be filled. It was exciting to see the different types of fans gathered for the show. Sometimes I tend to feel a little out of place with a sea of middle-aged white, male faces at these types of events, but in the orchestra section where I sat (yeah, I sprang for the good seats), I saw at least half a dozen black girl nerds, which made me quite happy!

While there are usually only single show panels, the Saturday, March 14 event was special in that audiences received two panels for the price of one. Hosted by the adorable Aisha Tyler, the show began with the Arrow cast, along with Executive Producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg and rounded out with the cast of the Flash, along with Berlanti and Kreisberg, once again. I received the pleasure of seeing both producers on the Showrunners Panel at WonderCon last year, and I must say, they are brilliant creators who have a real vision for both of these very successful shows and I’m excited to see how future seasons pan out.

In attendance from the Arrow cast: Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes, Emily Bett Rickards, John Barrowman, Katie Cassidy, Willa HollandDavid Ramsey, Paul Blackthorne; Executive Producers: Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim.

In attendance from the Flash cast: Grant Gustin, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Candice Patton, Rick Cosnett, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes; Executive Producers: Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg.

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie (seriously, if you aren’t caught up with both shows, read at your own risk!)

Each panel began with a short, spoiler-filled teaser for the second half of their seasons. Arrow season 3 ended with Ra’s Al Ghul informing Oliver that he was to be the next leader of the League of Assassins, and the preview revealed that Oliver will be struggling with his place in the League in the second half of the season. There will also be new villains for the team to go up against, including a dapper Mark Hamill and a giant gorilla (??), who made appearances in the spoiler clip.

Aisha Tyler, panel moderator, had a bunch of great questions, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask one to the cast of Arrow (yes, I died, but I’m back now). My question had to do with the shifting dynamics of Team Arrow, and now that the women’s roles were different, I wondered how things were going to change on the show. Check out the Q&A at 36:30 to see my question and also me trying not to faint!

Watch the Arrow Paleyfest panel here.

For the Flash panel teaser video, audiences got to see a few very spoilery plot points for the second half of season 1, including what looked like good cop Eddie going bad, as well as another crossover event with Felicity (from Arrow) at Star Labs. Not only will Felicity be visiting Central City, but it seems that Ray Palmer (from Arrow) will also turn up as Atom (his superhero alter ego).

Some of the questions for the Flash team centered around the desire for fans to see more comic book connections. Berlanti and Kreisberg both assured audiences that S2 held a large comic connection, and that while they strive to keep comic fans happy, they also don’t want to be tied to comic canon and want to make the television show fun for comic fans as well as cinematic fans.

Watch the Flash Paleyfest panel here.

All in all, the ticket cost (for orchestra seats, I paid $65/each) was definitely worth the double panel, although I might be more wary to pay that price for shows I like less than Arrow/Flash. Next time, I’m trying to get press passes, because regular audience members miss out on the red carpet experience and I had to see John Barrowman from far, far away.

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