Geek Chic: Tadeudz Creations

One of the reasons I love blogging is that I get to share all the amazing things I find on the internet, at conventions, or just when I move about life in general. A while back, I became acquainted with the Etsy shop of a Twitter friend, Ally (Tadeudz), and her jewelry is so lovely that I immediately contacted her with a request for a commissioned piece. She made me a lovely Black Widow inspired necklace that I’ve worn practically nonstop since receiving it.

Let me tell you a bit about Ally and her shop, Tadeudz Creations. Ally began making jewelry in early 2014 after a discouraging search online for a Supernatural charm bracelet. “Of the ones I found, none fitted the aesthetic I had in mind; most were very plain or masculine looking. I wanted something that would show off my nerd passion but would also be feminine and pretty to look at,” says Ally. 

Price was also a big motivator for Ally to create jewelry for herself, and later for the rest of us passionate fangirls. Fandom jewelry can be expensive (ever feel the need to sell a kidney to afford that Galadriel pendant? I have), but you won’t need to barter your firstborn for one of an item from Tadeudz Creations. All of her jewelry is priced so affordably, you may need to cry from the happiness that comes with knowing you can commission that Black Widow necklace for less than 10 GBP, or approximately $16 USD (I did cry big fat tears of joy). From personal experience, I can tell you that Ally is a joy to work with. I told her what I wanted, showed her my favourite images from the Black Widow comics, and she produced perfection.

Castiel Charm Bracelet
Castiel Charm Bracelet

In addition to making affordable jewelry that a fangirl can squee over (see Castiel charm bracelet pictured left), Ally really enjoys the creativity that comes with the work, saying that the money she makes from the endeavour is “a bonus really.” She loves to share her design with other fans, and to bond with them over the common passion of fandom. Her designs include such fandoms as The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Final Fantasy, etc. (She also has non-fandom related designs, if that’s more to your taste.)

Looking at Ally’s creations (see gallery below), it looks like she no longer has a problem finding nerdy jewelry! Yet we all know the struggle of finding fandom merchandise that’s both chic and geeky. Isn’t this a problem every fangirl has encountered in her life? We’re in an age where women are engaging with fandom in a way that was previously held by men; we’re the consumer, the promoter, and now because of people like Ally, we’re also the creator.
You can find Tadeudz Creations on Etsy, on Twitter, and on Facebook.
-The Collectress
Ally has generously donated some of her creations as incentives in our fundraiser for SDCC. You can find the details here