The Quest for SDCC

Let me tell you a story, dear Collectors.

Once upon a time, there were two fangirls warrior princesses who could not get tickets to San Diego Comic Con, the world’s greatest celebration of all things geeky. These two ladies, impassioned by the fiery bitterness that resided in their souls, swore that they would get there next year. So they started a blog, certain that would get them the Official Press Badge.

After all, they just wanted to be where the people are.

Whoever made this, thank you for perfectly describing how I feel.
Whoever made this, thank you for perfectly describing how I feel.

Of course, it did not happen the next year, and the bitterness residing in their souls grew but more fiery, until it bloomed into a maelstrom of righteous anger. In fact, one fangirl was so disappointed that she packed up her nerdgirl belongings and moved to London. Okay, her acceptance into a graduate programme may have also influenced that decision.

This year, the fangirls’ dreams have been realised, and the Official Press Badge has been granted.

And they lived happily ever after. The End.


via giphy
via giphy

We are so excited to be covering The Event, but we need your help. Conventions are expensive; if you’ve attended one, you’ll know that. Before July, the Collective crew are attending five conventions, but SDCC is the only one that will require airfare, because it is the only event that the crew will all be attending together. Two of the Collective team now live overseas, and a flight from London to California in July is about $5 short of selling a kidney.

giphy (2)So, we have a proposition for you.

If you contribute to our dream of attending SDCC together, we’ll create nerdy/geeky/fangirly things for you, and we’ll love you. Awesome prizes include, but are not limited to: hand-knitted Harry Potter house scarves, original fiction or fanfiction written on the prompt of your choice, and the opportunity to see the Collective team perform a musical while in cosplay (we in no way claim to be accomplished performers, but we DID write a little ditty called “Do You Want To Build A Snowmoose?”).

If you’re unable to contribute, signal boost this, and we’ll love you. Or even if you only read this, we’ll love you anyway and we hope you’ll enjoy our coverage of SDCC. 🙂

You can support our SDCC fundraiser by clicking here.

May the Force be with you, us, and what the heck, that guy Joe from down the street too.

-The Collectress

P.S. Attending SDCC also allows me to meet my future niece, Baby Slytherin, who will be born at the end of June.


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  1. I know how this feels. I was able to get three days (every day aside from Saturday) and now I have to pay for flights from New Zealand to California. Best of luck and my fingers are crossed for you.

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