Marvel to Skip SDCC 2015

Woe is me! My heart has been crushed with the news that Marvel plans to skip the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, but I am not surprised. Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn, announced in a Facebook Q&A Saturday, March 7, that Marvel would not have a presence at the convention, to the bane of fans everywhere.

Last November, Marvel held an announced Phase 3 at a special event at the El Capitan, which may become the norm for the Disney-owned company.


While Comic-Con presents a way for small films, shows and (oh yeah) comics to get their wares to large crowds, it seems Marvel may have realized the large crowds will come to them.

Yeah, friends, Marvel’s gone solo.

It’s sad news for the Collective bloggers, who, by the power of Odin, will be heading down to San Diego to attend our first ever Comic-Con. I guess this means I won’t be bringing home Sebby Stan.

Le sigh…

xoxo Agent Diva

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