Sleepy Hollow Season 3–Should It Happen?


Hello, Sleepyheads. *spoilers ahead*

SH’s second season left the Witnesses in a state of turmoil: Henry is dead but Irving is saved, and Katrina went evil and was killed by Ichabod10987393_808890379189596_5961358590326210231_o. The finale, “Tempus Fugit,” was the injection of adrenaline that the show needed–but was it too late? With the fate of season three still in the air, the sophomore series of the show killed off two major characters in the same span of weeks, but many fans are afraid that it was too little too late for a season that was fraught with pacing issues and character inconsistencies.

While I agree that the show did make a few errors in its second season, I still think that the show deserves (at least) another season, and here’s why. Disclaimer: These opinions are my reflections as a fan of SH, not as a certified tv critic of any sort. 

1891343_812493258829308_2221073284725124129_oReason #1: Sleepy Hollow has more stories to tell

The season two finale showed us that the SH writers have some tricks up their sleeves. Time travel? Killing important characters? Introducing more Founding Fathers? These are all things that made the finale exciting, but more importantly, it told me that, as a fan, there’s more to come. Ichabod and Abigail are still uncertain of the true nature of their mission, since they destroyed Jefferson’s room of wonders in “What Lies Beneath”, but Abbie’s conversation with her ancestor, Grace, in “Tempus Fugit” lets us know that even though they don’t have the mission spelled out, it’s still there.

I love shows with big mythology arcs (Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, etc.) and Sleepy Hollow seems to be promising us just that. It’s also promising to show us something new, now that Katrina and Henry are both dead. What could happen now to the Witnesses? Answer: anything.

Reason #2: Abbie/Ichabod’s chemistry


Okay, my shipping of Ichabbie aside, Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie are magical when they’re on screen together. If Katrina and Ichabod had half the chemistry that Abbie and Ichabod had, then perhaps their marriage would have had a different ending. Perhaps Katrina would still be alive right now.

Even if Ichabbie is never canon, the camaraderie between a bad ass woman cop and a man out of time is enough to keep me tuning in week after week. I can only think of one or two other shows where the lead actors have such a powerful connection, and to deprive us of the chance of more Mison and Beharie seems cruel and unusual punishment.

Can I unashamedly say that I’d watch a show in which Abbie just teaches Ichabod about the 21st century? Perhaps they’ve missed the calling to turn it into a sitcom where they’re roommates and Headless is the annoying upstairs neighbour.

Reason #3: A Diverse Cast

The majority of casting on television or otherwise is white men. I’m not saying that the men are not talented, because they must be to earn their roles; I’m simply acknowledging a desire for their to be more roles for women and ethnic diversity. Last year, the Bunche Center at UCLA released a report that states for television: Among broadcast comedy and drama leads, minorities were underrepresented by a factor of 7 to 1, while women reached proportionate representation. 

This means that, as of 2014, there were seven white characters for every one character from a differing ethnicity. Now, look at this season two poster for Sleepy Hollow.


Of the six cast members featured in the photo, the ratio of women-to-men is equal, and half the cast members are minorities. Perhaps it’s a long overdue step from show creators, but it’s one that makes me happy nonetheless. I will gladly sit my butt in front of the telly every week for a show that has kick-ass women and minorities that do more than fulfill stereotypes.

Let us come together and beg TPTB for renewal, Sleepyheads.

-The Collectress

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  1. cosmopolitewannabe

    “Can I unashamedly say that I’d watch a show in which Abbie just teaches Ichabod about the 21st century? Perhaps they’ve missed the calling to turn it into a sitcom where they’re roommates and Headless is the annoying upstairs neighbour.”

    LOL. Headless the annoying neighbour upstairs? Sounds like a British comedy. Great post.

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