Fanfic Wednesday: “Flatmate Wanted (The Movie Nights and Vampire Bites Remix)


Flatmate Wanted (The Movie Nights and Vampire Bites Remix) by Thursday_Next

Word Count: 3230
Pairing(s): Gwen/Morgana (BBC Merlin), background Arthur/Merlin
Rating: T

Author’s Summary

In which Gwen’s new flatmate might be a vampire, or possibly a criminal mastermind, and Gwen just wants somebody who’s going to stick around.

My Thoughts

After Lancelot leaves Gwen (again) to save guinea pigs or orangutans or something, she finds a flatmate in Morgana, whose eccentricity is simultaneously creepy and charming to Gwen. After a thorough talk-through with her GBFFs, Arthur and Merlin, she begins to see her flatmate in a new light. I’m sure the tight yoga outfits help Gwen out a bit, too. 😉

I am all about the femslash right now. The Spaniard was a darling and recced me this one a while ago, and it was just so fluffy and sweet that I had to share it. For those of us who survived the end of Merlin, there will never be enough fluffy modern AU fanfiction to make it okay, but this one helps ease the pain immensely.

-The Collectress

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