Sleepy Hollow Recap: “What Lies Beneath” & “Awakening”


*SPOILERS AHEAD, darlings*

So far this season, Ichabod and Abbie have escaped purgatory, Katrina has been held hostage by the Horseman and (sort of) given birth to Moloch, Irving has been then killed by Moloch, Henry killed Moloch to save Katrina, Jenny has a might-be-evil quasi-boyfriend named Hawley. Oh, and Irving is back from the dead and working for Henry.

Synopsis–2×16 “What Lies Beneath”

1957628_799238566821444_9175613325331321857_oThe episode lives up to its title as it lights up on a group of crewmen disappearing in the sewer, screams echoing after them. What lies beneath, indeed.

Now since the Witnesses hashed out their intimacy issues problems in “Kali Uga,” their relationship has grown stronger and healthier. Unlike the Cranes’ marriage, but more on that later. The latest in a series of not-dates for the Witnesses is a trip to a battleship, in which Ichabod charmingly rants against Instagram.

Soon, the Witnesses are called into investigate the sewer disappearances, spurred on by the journalist Calvin Riggs (Sharif Atkins) whose brother disappeared with the grew of crewmen. In the sewer, the Witnesses discover two things: a nest of Reavers (creepy vampiric monsters) and the Fenestella, which contains the hologram version of Thomas Jefferson. The Fenestella, according to the not-quite-real Jefferson, was created to serve the Witnesses in their mission. The Fenestella will tell them why they were chosen, how they can complete the task ahead of them, and just generally be the Bat Cave that they need. Unfortunately, the Reavers stand between them and intellectual bliss, since they pose an immediate threat to the safety of the citizens of Sleepy Hollow. Instead of endangering everyone, they decide to blow up the Fenestella and the Reavers, much to the dismay of the former President. 1617461_798426876902613_7649142824940485197_o

Meanwhile, Jenny agrees to help Irving break into the precinct to regain some of his personal belongings. A mark on Irving’s wrist tips Jenny off to the former police chief’s involvement with the Hellfire Club. When she confronts him, Irving admits to having used a temporary salvation rune (isn’t that just handy) to trick Katrina’s spell. He’s unsure how long it will last, however, and begs Jenny to protect his family from him.

The episode ends with Henry visiting Katrina, and offering her a black rose which cuts her. Foreshadowing much?

Synopsis–2×17 “Awakening”

10818509_805096206235680_1656816000799681505_oThe episode begins with a pan over several different locations of Sleepy Hollow. A cafe, a sidewalk, a funeral home. Several normal civilians have their eyes turn white and gloss over, and a bell tolls in the middle of town. We see Henry Parrish close the Grand Grimoire and walk away. He next visits his mother, Katrina, and attempts to convince her to help with the “Awakening”–a spell that would awaken the magic powers of all potential witches in Sleepy Hollow. It would create a coven for them, he says, a powerful coven to protect them. A family. This is why he saved her, he says. He calls her “mother” to appeal to her maternal instincts, and reminds her of her power as a pureblooded witch. His blood, he says, is tainted from his mortal father. Katrina doesn’t disagree with him.

Meanwhile Jenny informs Abbie and Ichabod that Irving has gone dark (Um, Jenny, darling, you have a cell phone right?) and the 10848673_804265492985418_3242272214242046878_oWitnesses decide to stop Henry while Jenny incapacitates the now-really-for-sure-soulless Irving. Unfortunately for the Witnesses, Katrina’s new alliance with Henry was not part of the plan, as Ichabod is ready to do whatever necessary to stop his son, but not necessarily his wife. It looks like curtains for the Cranes’ dysfunctional marriage. Henry and Katrina take the Witnesses captive, intending to finish the Awakening. Ichabod has a plan in his back pocket–quite literally–that involves two revolvers and a hell of a lot of luck.

Henry is able to stop Ichabod’s bullet, but he is unprepared for the shot Abbie takes. He disintegrates, Irving regains his soul, and all is well in Sleepy Hollow. Right? Wrong. The death of her son is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, pushing her to vow revenge on her husband and to use the traveller spell we previously heard of in “Spellcaster,” Katrina does not go alone. Unwittingly she takes Abbie back with her to 18th century Sleepy Hollow, and now Abbie can truly empathize with Crane being a man out of time.

Looking Forward

10838266_804206489657985_1097762996059325732_oThe second season of Sleepy Hollow has been a bit slow, and in more cases than not, a little too subtle on The Big Picture. “What Lies Beneath” and “Awakening” have upped the tempo of the last leg of the season, but will it be enough to ensure a season 3? The Big Wigs at Fox are likely waiting to see how the show finishes its sophomore season before officially deciding to issue (or not) a renewal.

There are a few things that have made me hopeful for a season three. The first is Thomas Jefferson. It’s been a while since the SH team included a “blast from the past” character that I enjoyed as much as Jefferson. The impact he’s seemed to have had on Ichabod’s life is a good indicator that he’ll return in the future, and, because of Abbie’s time travelling, he may return in next week’s finale episode. The way Jefferson spoke about the Witnesses’ mission indicates that someone has information that needs to be shared with the class.

Katrina’s reveal as the new villain of Sleepy Hollow has finally given her character a solid direction–something that she’s been sorely missing since being released from Purgatory. Her embrace of the Dark Side–and subsequent vow to turn back time and ensure Ichabod’s death–may seem rushed, but it’s seemed for a while that the writers never really knew what to do with her character anyway. The finale will likely bring Ichabod a terrible choice: his wife or his partner. Given that Abbie is now in a time period where Ichabod will not know her, it’s almost impossible to tell which direction the story will turn or indeed if the show will start a new timeline altogetherBest case scenario: only one person’s life gets destroyed. Worst case? A fracturing of the space-time continuum that collapse universes.

Oh wait, I’m confusing Sleepy Hollow with John Noble’s other show Fringe. Damn it.

Sleepy Hollow will return for its season 2 finale on February 23 and so will Ichabod’s glorious hair.

Until then, Sleepyheads.

-The Collectress

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