Fanfic Wednesday: Two Femslash Fics


Rec #1: Trust Is Always Relative (The Revisionist History Remix) by greywash

Word Count: 2481
Pairing: Molly Hooper/Irene Adler
Rating: T

Author’s Summary

Molly has always had a scientist’s relationship to certainty.

My Thoughts

These two ladies–who are arguably the most important in Sherlock Holmes’ life–would make an explosive pairing. In canon, they’ve never met, but in this fic, Molly imagines a world where they might. I’m really fond of fics in Molly’s POV, and there are never enough of them. Special thanks to the Collected Mutineer for sending me this one. This one is well-crafted. Warnings for some obligatory post-Reichenbach angst.

Rec #2: Husking by jadebloods, thesewordselope

Word Count: 1493
Pairing: Katniss Everdeen/Johanna Mason
Warnings: NSFW, Spoilers for Mockingjay, PTSD

Author’s Summary

Johanna spends a lot of time rocking lately, especially on rainy days.

My Thoughts

It never really occurred to me to ship Katniss with anyone. Mostly because I don’t think Katniss ships herself with anyone. But that’s a story for another time. This fic, recced to me by the Collectiva Diva, sucker punched me in the feels. I read it this morning, and I’ve thought about it all day. This piece is beautifully written; it’s evocative; and it really feels like Katniss. It’s one of the best one-shots I’ve ever read. If you only read one femslash piece ever, read this one.

-The Collectress

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