Fanfic Wednesday: Two Cartinelli Fics


Hello, shippers! During the month of February, I will be reccing femslash, supporting multiple fandoms’ celebration of Femslash February. First up, a couple of foxy ladies from our newest obsession: Agent CarterFor more information on the Cartinelli ship, please see the Collectiva Diva’s Shipping 101 post.

Rec #1: frontlines, heartlines by toboldlywrite

Word Count: 2555
Pairing: Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli

Author’s Summary

Peggy Carter is a bundle of knives shaped like a woman, and that’s what Angie likes best about her. 

My Thoughts

This was my first femslash fic and my first Agent Carter fic. I kinda fell for these ladies. Hook, line, and sinker. This fic is short, but sweet, and toboldlywrite lures you in with her simple narrative voice and crisp prose. If you’re not “awwwing” by the end, you might be Hydra.

Rec #2: The Lady is a Tramp by maggiemerc

Word Count: 21,388
Pairing: Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli
Warnings: NSFW

Author’s Summary

Angie’s got suspicions on what Peggy does for a living and she’s determined to protect her at all costs…to other people. It’s not like she’s crazy and about to risk her life for a dame that’s more hot and cold than the plumbing on the third floor of the Griffith Hotel

My Thoughts

maggiemerc’s Angie is perfect. She’s not going to sit by while she thinks Peggy’s in trouble, and I appreciate that quality to her. She’s brave, just like Peggy, and even when sh*t gets crazy, she sticks with her woman. Thank you, maggiemerc, for making me fall in love with Angie Martinelli. Apparently Peggy’s love interests are destined to ruin me for life.

-The Collectress

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