Galavant Recap: Happily Ever After?


Galavant ended on Sunday night, leaving us with more questions than answers. Spoilers ahead!

Episode 7— “My Cousin Izzy” or “Hero Mode”

The next to last episode started off strong, with a surprise appearance from Uther Giles Anthony Stewart Head as Galavant’s father. After a short song, in which young Gal is essentially told that a hero must hide his feelings, we fast forward to the dungeon. Isabella tells everyone that her cousin is on his way to save them, but Gal assures them that it isn’t necessary, as he has a plan. Again.

Rutger as Kingsley—ABC

His plotting is interrupted when they are brought before the royals. Madalena is telling Kingsley all about the prisoners when it is suddenly decided that he and Richard will duel, using champions in their stead; the winner will get the throne and Madalena. Kingsley claims Gareth as his champion, leaving Richard in the lurch. In a calculated move, Gal volunteers to fight as Richard’s champion, on the condition that everyone in the dungeon is allowed to go free if he wins.

The day of the duel, Madalena asks Gal to call off his participation and agree to be her “shag hag.” In a confirmation of his realizations in the previous episode, he refuses her advances. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the duel is interrupted before it has properly begun by the sudden approach of soldiers and Isabella’s cousin, Prince Harry. Not only is the new arrival a little kid, but he is also Isabella’s fiancé!

Richard takes advantage of the Prince’s arrival by announcing a feast, further delaying the duel. During the dinner, Gareth tells Richard that he ought to be a man and fight his brother himself. But before any plans can be made, everyone begins having allergic reactions to the food—a direct result of the cook and Gwynne’s botched plot to poison the royals. Despite feeling poorly, Richard declares that he will be the first royal to fight his own duel, even though Kingsley will still keep Gareth as his champion.

Episode 8— “It’s All in the Executions” or “Will there be a Second Season?”

Bros before hoes—ABC

In the dungeon once more, Gal is strategizing. He has decided to gain Richard’s confidence. After an adorable moment with Isabella—and a reference to The Little Mermaid‘s “Kiss the Girl”—Gal gets Gareth to take him to the king. What starts off as funny gossip about Madalena becomes a bonding moment between them. After all, they were both “scorned by the same woman.” Gal invites the King go to get a drink with him, and convinces him to kill his brother. They get drunk together and sing the best duet of the season (“We’re Off on a Secret Mission!”) before getting caught in Kingsley’s room. Kingsley sends his brother into the dungeon with the others, where Gal passes out.

Just as Gal wakes up the next morning, Gareth shows up to spring the king from prison. He tries to make Gal come with them, but Gal declines the offer. He and Isabella finally kiss, only for him to be knocked out by Gareth and dragged away. Gal comes to by the ocean, where Gareth has a boat waiting to take him and the king to safety. Gareth gives him explicit instructions on taking care of Richard, and Gal reiterates the sentiment, making Gareth swear that Isabella will be kept safe.

Madalena, infuriated to find that her husband and her ex lover have escaped, orders Gareth to kill everyone who remains in the dungeon. He uses the opportunity to get them out of their cells, and gives them his keys. At the last minute, he keeps Sid as a hostage (likely to insure that Gal will take good care of Richard).

When Gareth returns to the throne room, Madalena stabs Kingsley in the back (literally), and promotes Gareth. He sits on the throne next to hers, holding Kingsley’s sword, and looking rather magnificent. Meanwhile, the escapees have arrived at Prince Harry’s castle, seeking sanctuary. Harry locks Isabella up in a small bedroom that looks like a dollhouse, and we immediately cut to the closing song, with tantalizing lines such as “our season ends right there, with questions everywhere” and “will they be back for season 2?”

What We’ve Learned So Far

I didn’t imagine that I would be wrapping this post up with “what we’ve learned”, since I was under the impression that this was the end of the story. And yet, here we are with massive cliffhangers, and not just one or two.


1.) What will happen with Galavant and King Richard’s newly formed acquaintanceship? They immediately went from enemies to allies, but can it last?

2.) Is Queen Madalena planning on making Gareth her king, or is he simply another boy toy? Will she remain in Valencia, or return to Richard’s land?

3.) What in the world is going on with Prince Harry and why did he lock Isabella up in that creepy little room?

4.) Sid???

And last but not least…

5.) How will our heroes be reunited?

What I do know is that this has felt like a first act, and not a mini series. Since season 2 has yet to be confirmed, I’m honestly a little peeved that none of the storylines have been wrapped up. I was also disappointed that we didn’t see more from Isabella and Madalena’s respective strengths; let’s hope that if there is a season 2, our resident females will take center stage as the fully capable characters that they are.

Until next year…maybe?

The Collected Muntineer


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