Fanfic Wednesday: Spellbound


Spellbound by missbecky

Word Count: 31,043
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Warnings: NSFW (read the tags for possible triggers)

Author’s Summary

After their alien hosts witness yet another heated argument between Steve and Tony, they are hit with a powerful magic spell in order to teach them a lesson. Now they are stranded and alone on a hostile planet. One of them can’t see and the other can’t hear, and the only way back to safety is on foot. And the Forest is full of dangers…

My Thoughts

I found this from a post on Tumblr labelled “Angsty Stony Angst.” Could I stop myself from reading everything on the list? Of course not, because I kinda/sorta have a masochistic side of me that likes to bleed feelings.

I read this fic in an hour. (okay, maybe two) Then promptly returned to the beginning and read it again. It’s the sort of hurt/comfort that I wish I could write. Through Tony’s blindness and Steve’s deafness, they learn to work together and truly understand each other because they are absolutely dependent on each other for survival. It’s not an easy one to read, at some points (particularly during Tony’s panic attack) it’s downright uncomfortable, but it rings through with a realness and rawness that scrapes out my heart and replaces with an arc reactor.

Read this if you’re craving some Stony angst that doesn’t end miserably.

-The Collectress