The Collectress Picks 5: Peter Hollens Videos

My brother is the kind of snobby internet fiend who looks down on the “common folk” aka, the normal people who use Twitter and YouTube. So when my brother admitted to spending several hours last weekend watching Peter Hollens’ YouTube channel, I wanted to know what could drag my brother into the urbane, everyday corners of the interwebs.

And then I spent three hours watching (and rewatching) these vids, so here we are. If you’ve never heard this man’s voice, well…prepare for shivers to go down your spine because he’s just that good. So here’s a taste to get you suckered in for the next few days or so.

Into the West (feat. Taylor Davis)

This song will always reduce me to tears, and Hollens’ version is no exception.

Misty Mountains

Um, holy crap. I kinda wish I’d just watched this video on repeat instead of spending money on the films.

Hallelujah (feat. Jackie Evancho)

Wicked Medley (with Nick Pitera)

I’ve loved Nick Pitera since I saw him on Ellen years ago, so this collaboration is a YouTube wet dream. TMI? Maybe. But whatever, this video is gorgeous, and Wicked is a perfect musical for them to collaborate on.

World of Warcraft Medley (feat. Evynne Hollens)

I have no doubt that this is what drew my brother to Peter Hollens’ YouTube channel. (ever see the web series “The Guild”? That’s my brother’s life, no joke) Evynne Hollens, Peter’s wife, sings with him. Having (briefly) played WoW, I really appreciate the amount of work that’s gone into this medley. There’s another version that features Taylor Davis on violin.

I have nothing but respect and kudos for independent artists and musicians. Be sure to look Peter Hollens up in iTunes, where his album is available (all of these songs are available individually on iTunes store!)

Warning: listening to any/all of this music could result in several hours spent on YouTube.

-The Collectress