Fanfic Wednesday: Cursed or Not


 Cursed or Not by Ltleflrt

Word Count: 115, 212
Pairing: Dean W./Castiel
Warnings: NSFW 

Author’s Summary

While experimenting with magic when he was a kid, Sam accidentally cursed Dean. Now, Dean is forced to wear a spelled amulet constantly, or he’ll turn into a random animal. For a little over a decade, he’s learned to live with the curse, and has even found it useful in some cases, but he sure would be happier without it.

When he meets a witch named Castiel, he’s offered a deal. Instead of assuming all witches are bad, Dean can spend a season getting to know him. If at the end of the season, Dean still thinks he’s evil Castiel will send him away with his memory wiped of the whole experience. But if he learns that Castiel is not the monster Dean assumes he is, he’ll lift Dean’s curse.

It’s an offer Dean can’t bring himself to pass up.

My Thoughts

I didn’t know Witch!Cas was a thing. But I swear by Chuck, I love the thing. I want to curl up inside Cas’s garden (no, that’s not a euphemism) and just watch these two dorks be in love. (I also wouldn’t mind being Gabriel’s Padawan learner…and yeah, Witch!Gabriel is a thing too.) Okay, my swooning aside, this story is very well written. The prose is crisp, and clear, and the plot has a pace that kept me clicking through it for all 115K words. And then, sometimes, there are sections that are so chuck-damned poetic that my tear ducts actually began to work.

Read if you want an AU that’s written in canon. And really, it’s fucking beautiful.

-The Collectress