Galavant Recap: The Abs the Poets Praise


Galavant burst its way onto our tellies Sunday night, and boy did it make an impression. Two episodes air per week, which means double the fun and double the musical numbers. Spoilers ahead!

Episode 1— “Pilot” or “We Didn’t Have to Title this Episode!”

joshua sasse
Galavant (Joshua Sasse)—ABC

Like most television pilots, the first episode serves mainly to establish the characters and set up the plot. Galavant manages a good deal of this with a catchy opening song, in which we learn that Galavant (the greatest warrior in five kingdoms who often goes by Gal) lost his lady-love Madalena when she was kidnapped by the evil King Richard. Although he went to rescue her, she chose fame and fortune over him. This rejection transforms him into a dirty, disheveled drunk who no longer cares for duty or chivalry. He lives alone with only his squire Sid (Luke Youngblood) to watch out for him.

Fast forward one year: the Princess Isabella of Valencia (Karen David) comes seeking Gal’s help. Her kingdom has been at war with King Richard, and her people are desperate. She offers him the jewel of Valencia, but he refuses until she mentions that it would be an opportunity to best the king and rescue the Queen. Gal agrees to go with her, not knowing that she is working for King Richard and has been sent to lure him in with tales of the queen’s “unhappiness”.

King Richard (Timothy Omundson) and Madalena (Mallory Jansen)—ABC

Episode 2— “Joust Friends” or “Never Start a Marriage with a Kidnapping”

Uncle Jesse! (Er…Sir Jean Hamm)—ABC

In the second episode, we learn a great deal more about King Richard (and his magnificent beard). Though he is ignorant of the Queen’s affair with the jester, he is highly aware of her supposed “vow of chastity.” Eager to win her over, he has concocted the plot with Princess Isabella, believing that if he bests Gal before gifting Madalena the jewel of Valencia, she will finally love him. With a good deal of help from his right-hand man Gareth (Vinnie Jones), he is also trying to be more manly—which results in belching at the dinner table and sharing a duet with his queen.

Meanwhile, Gal, Isabella, and Sid have no money to speak of while they are traveling to the castle. To earn something, Gal enters a joust with the jewel as collateral for the entry fee. Enter Sir Jean Hamm (John Stamos), a rival knight who tells yo mama jokes.

(There is a mysterious period of time where Isabella trains Gal for the joust—the Collectress and I were tempted to sing the montage song. Nevertheless, Karen David looks amazing whilst fencing.)

Isabella and SId—ABC

By the end, Gal has won the joust by the skin of his teeth, there is a possible romance between Gal and Isabella, and King Richard has gotten absolutely nowhere with his attempts to woo Madalena.

Why You Should Watch Galavant

Exhibit A

Two words—medieval absurdity. This show is so free spirited that it doesn’t care if the jokes land. Every actor has thrown themselves into their respective roles. AND there are Alan Menken songs to sing along with. Granted, you may need to be in an Enchanted, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, or A Knight’s Tale type mood to enjoy it, but I think it is well worth a try. I’m not entirely sure where the plot will go from here, or if the show can even sustain this ridiculousness, but I had such fun watching it that I don’t even care.

If all else fails, we will always have Timothy Omundson’s epic beard.


  1. espaquette

    I have to disagree with you a little. The actors are all seeming to be trying their hardest, yes, but it’s not really worth it when none of the jokes land and there’s not even a real plot to distract you from it. I really wanted it to be good but…just fell a little short for me unfortunately.
    I do appreciate your gif there though.

    1. The Collective Blog

      I was lured in my Omundson’s beard, and I’m afraid I’m here to stay for the time being. I do agree that the plot is somewhat lacking, which is my biggest concern as the show moves forward. We’ll see how long they are able to keep the jokes running before they’re out of steam.-CM

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