The Collective Bloggers Take a Winter Break

Hello friends.

This week and next, the Collective Bloggers will be cutting down on posts a bit, in order to prepare for the new year. We won’t stop completely, though, because we have a few things getting started that we just can’t wait to share with you.

The Spaniard is looking forward to watching and reviewing Timothy Omundson in Galavant on ABC which premieres January 4 and runs for 8 episodes, so keep a weathered eye out for her recaps, starting next week.

I’ve been compiling my favorite albums of the year, and will share that with you this week before 2015 begins. I am also VERY excited to do some Marvel meta featuring Agent Carter, which premieres on Tuesday, January 6th on ABC (insert barely contained squee!!).

Besides that, though, we’re taking a breather, but will be back and in full effect Monday, January 12. If you really, really miss us, visit over on TwitterTumblr or Facebook.

May your New Year be full of joy, love and peace. It has been a difficult week in fandom, and we are thinking about you and hope you’re thinking of us too.

Family don’t end with blood.

xoxo The Collectiva Diva


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