Five Fics That Made Me Blush

Anyone who knows me (the real secret-fic-reading-fiend me) knows that I have the ability to read the smuttiest smut in public, and not give it away. I don’t blush, I don’t smile—for all you know, I’m reading a news report about North Korea. I honed this skill during my days as an undergraduate. That’s right, I read explicit smut in class when I got bored. The Collectress discovered my talent one day when we sat next to each other and she glanced at my computer screen. “Is that a lemon?” she whispered in shock. Needless to say, this happenstance was one aspect that helped solidify our friendship.

Despite my proclivity, I have discovered that I am not invincible. Although “Carry On” and “A Cure for Boredom” didn’t make me bat an eyelash, there are a few fics out there that do make me blush. So naturally, I’ve chosen to share them with you for the holidays. Save a few of these babies on your phone and test your abilities when your relatives start questioning your life choices or telling you stories about that weird mole on their back.

Like Tantalus by Dear Collectress

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper

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While not the most explicit of stories, this ficlet made me blush for two reasons. First, I was taken completely by surprise. The Collectress wrote it for my birthday, and sent it to me on Valentine’s Day. I made the mistake of opening the link in the vicinity of my students. Enough said. Second, it was the first fic I’d read post season 3 of Sherlock that had Molly in such a dominant role. I reread this regularly for my Sherlolly fix.

Red Triangle by PetraTodd

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson/Molly Hooper

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I love Johnlock. I love Sherlolly. So why not a mixture of the two? This fic is precisely that. (Not for those who are uncomfortable with exhibitionism.)

Double Dip by saltandbyrne

Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki/Misha Collins

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Let me begin by establishing that this is not my cup of tea. But I was curious to see what fics would make me blush while riding the tube, and this is what the Collectress dug out of the rabbit hole for me to test. I make it a rule not to read RPFs, but as I do enjoy omega!verse, I thought I’d give it a try. I ended up blushing because I was incredibly uncomfortable. It wasn’t the sex, but the fact that it was supposed to be Jensen, Jared, and Misha. I think I found my line, and crossed it by accident. However, it makes the list as it did make me turn tomato red.

Revealed by Valyria

Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel

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Four words: my first wing!kink.

Ruled by dmnutv_archer

Pairing: Loki/Natasha Romanoff 

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Tom Hiddleston is my weakness. Tom Hiddleston embodying Loki is my particular favourite. Needless to say, imagining him whispering “you were made to be ruled” in my Natasha’s ear made me weak of knees and bright of face.

Even if these don’t make you blush, I hope you enjoy them! Happy Holidays!

The Collected Mutineer

What fics make you blush? Share with me on Twitter @ImpalaMutineers.

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