3 Things That Were More Exciting Than ‘Supernatural’s’ “Hibbing 9-1-1”

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Season 10×08 or “You Betcha”

I’m gonna be honest with you, SPN Family, I didn’t really want to watch this week’s episode. I did so begrudgingly at the behest of my flatmate, and *gasp* I took no notes. For the first time ever, I dreaded an episode of Supernatural, and it wasn’t because of the potential feels, but the writing. In the interest of moving forward and addressing new things, please see my previous rants reviews of episodes done by this particular writer for the Episode Which Shall Not Be Named and “#Thinman” for my exact sentiments on the writing style and capabilities of said writer. I have nothing new to add that I didn’t say in my review of #Thinman.

Instead, let me share with you 3 things that held my attention more fully than “Hibbing 9-1-1.”

This gif of a snail becoming rocket-powered

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via giphy

I can’t f**king look away from this sh*t, which is more than I can say for the latest episode of Supernatural. 

Kim Rhodes’ Twitter Account

No, but, really, Kim Rhodes is the most amusing person on Twitter (sorry, Misha).

This woman is gold.

The Midseason Finale Promo

When I woke up Wednesday morning to a Twitter timeline full of Supernatural, 98% of it was about the promo for next week’s episode. In 30 seconds I felt chills, I felt scared, and I felt devastated. There’s a death pact between Dean and Cas (ouch, those were my feels), there’s the Mark of Cain, and there’s Dean, covered in blood.

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of my internal screaming.

Did I hate everything about this episode? No, I really didn’t hate it at all. You can blame this dithering media-centric review on the fact that it’s end of term, I’m exhausted, and after this week’s The Walking Dead and Sleepy HollowSupernatural just had a lot to live up to. So, let’s talk about Sheriff Jody Mills and her new pal, Donna.


Stop. Take a breath. Look at this picture. This, this is important. Why? It’s two women of independence and agency and badassery who are the focus of an episode in a male-dominated show. They don’t become prey for the Monster of the Week, they are not love interests to Sam or Dean, and they don’t need the Winchesters to save them because hey, these ladies know how to shoot a f**king gun. Take it in, my friends, because this is like a seeing a damn unicorn; it may never happen again on Supernatural.
Well, shit.  (via giphy)
Well, shit.
(via giphy)

Prepare your feels, SPN Family, next week is a guaranteed rollercoaster of emotions.

-The Collectress