Meme Monday: I’m So Sorry I’m Flawless

This post has been hijacked by the God of Mischief. (Well, sort of. Our one and only Diva asked me to post on her behalf today, as she is preparing to share her DCBB with the world this week.)

If there is anything I have learned while living in England, it is this: you apologize for everything. Really, you say “sorry” all the time. I always thought that there was some personal reason why Tom Hiddleston apologized constantly, but now I understand. He’s simply being British.

So here. Have some gifs. I have these all saved to my phone so that I can use Tom’s lovely face to say sorry on my behalf whenever I need to apologize to my friends.


2014-06-20 23.26.16

giphy (1)





If that’s not enough Tom for you, come visit me on Tumblr.

#sorrynotsorry that these aren’t actually memes,

The Collected Mutineer

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