Supernatural Recap: “Ask Jeeves”

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Episode 10×06 or “The One Where They Play Clue”

So far this season Sam has cured Demon!Dean, Crowley has cured Cas, and Supernatural is now a musical. Dean still has the Mark, and Sam still has a deathly peen.

So without further ado…

*Spoilers ahead, darling*


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“Ask Jeeves” lights up on two maids in a well-to-do household preparing for their former employer’s funeral. Olivia is tasked with “cleaning the lavatories” because she’s new, and Collette must choose the outfit that their employer will be buried in. Collette takes the liberty of trying on the former Bunny LaCroix’s jewelry, and the not-so-dearly-departed returns to keep her pearls out of Collette’s clutches. Collette meets a crunching demise, and this is a case for the Winchesters, right?

Ironically, the boys do not approach this as a case. Dean finds one of Bobby’s work phones, and on the phone is a message stating that Bobby was left something in Bunny LaCroix’s will. The boys head to a town called New Canaan to see what they’ve inherited as Bobby’s next of kin (yeah, there are some feels when they call Bobby their “surrogate father”). Once other members of the WASP (okay, that snide remark made me laugh) LaCroix clan start ending up dead and apparently murdered by ghosts, the Winchesters begin the hunt for cold spots. It’s a nice homage to earlier seasons.

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The entire episode feels very much like an episode of Clue, and it’s supposed to. We get glimpses of the rope, the lead pipe, the revolver–and in the hidden attic there’s even a copy of the game. As the boys do what they do best, they figure out that it’s a shapeshifter and not a ghost who’s offing the wannabe Rockefellers.

Yes, if it’s not the butler, it’s the maid.

In a strange twist of events, it seems like Bobby made a deal with Bunny LaCroix to keep her shifter-child alive as long as she was kept locked up for her entire life. Upon Bunny’s death, Bobby was supposed to take care of her. Dean slays the monster (his first kill since becoming human again), and the boys ride away into the sunset.

Wait, where is the Samulet? Damn it, writers, it’s called continuity.

What This Episode Reveals About The Winchesters

Sam Winchester

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What did I learn about Sam Winchester this week?

  • He’s lactose intolerant.
  • He’s still uncomfortable flirting with women. I think Osric Chau’s tweet may have a clue as to why.

  • His hair attracts WASPs.
  • Sam’s adorable nervousness around women coupled with his glorious hair is enough to make me overlook a lot of crappy writing.
  • He’s more worried about his brother still having the Mark than he’s letting on.

Dean Winchester


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Dean still has the Mark. Dean still wants to kill things. Dean refuses to talk about it with Sammy. Perhaps Demon!Dean isn’t so far behind in the rearview mirror after all.

During season 9, we saw a Dean who became increasingly substance-dependent and addicted to violence, which ultimately resulted in the corruption of his soul into a demon. Season 9 was dark, very dark, for Dean Winchester, and if Dean’s unwilling to deal with the aftermath of his choices, then it seems like his demonic side might get a chance to reprise Right Said Fred at another dive bar.

Thanks to Timothy Omundson’s tweet during Burcon, we now that Cain, Father of Murder, will be returning during season 10.

This presents an opportunity for Dean to find a way to be rid of the Mark, or to at the very least control it. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait eight more episodes to see how Cain’s Angry Beard will fit into this season’s story arc.

 The Big Picture


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Forgive me, readers, as I rant for a minute on the importance of continuity and “the big picture.”

Now, while I love a MOTW episode as much as the next fan, for the past few seasons the “one-off” episodes have felt shoe-horned into the plot-at-large. Oh wait, they don’t acknowledge the overarching plot. The SPN fandom is nothing if not divided, with half of the audience wanting nothing but the show to “get back to its roots” and have the boys solving cases, and the other half loving the interaction with the larger forces–angels, demons, pissed off Fathers of Murder, and whatnot. The writers have a tough job, keeping both crowds happy, and I don’t envy them one hair on JarPad’s luscious head. Okay, well maybe one.

The truth is, I don’t have anything to add to the “big picture” section this week because the writers didn’t give me anything to add. The episode was very strictly “brothers only” and the only acknowledgements of prior incidents in the canon felt accidental or out-of-place. Let’s look at the inclusion of Bobby, for instance. Was there anything about this episode that wouldn’t have made sense if the Winchesters had found it as another case? No. As much I love/miss Bobby Singer, there was no need for there to be a tie between the shapeshifter and the Winchesters’ surrogate father. Bobby functioned as a plot device, a means of getting the Winchesters from Point A to Point B in the plot’s trajectory, and yeah, I’m a little sore about it. Bobby raised the boys and I think that deserves so much more than a cursory nod in his general direction as the Impala drives by the cemetery. If he’s part of the plot, make him part of the plot. Don’t patronise the viewers with generalized references to fan-favourite characters. We’ve been around for ten years, and we deserve more.

The show suffers from episodes like this, episodes that disregard the larger breadth and scope of the canon. I would never suggest to do away with MOTW episodes–because I enjoy them as much as the next viewer–but this exclusive approach to them kills the pacing of the season. There’s no acknowledge of other characters–Castiel, Crowley, or Cole the would-be assassin–and as for the creepy lady we glimpsed in the premiere? We’ve all but forgotten about her and so her importance to the narrative structure of the season is non-existent.

“Fan Fiction” brought the brothers back to the core of the story, but “Ask Jeeves” locked them in a dark attic and mailed the key to a barely-referenced deceased character.

I’m placing faith in BoBo to give me a seventh episode that brings me Winchester Bonding Time AND integrity to the larger narrative structure.

Until next week, SPN family.

-The Collectress

P.S. Be sure to watch Timothy Omundson on ABC’s “Galavant” starting this January.