Geektivities in Sydney Part II: The Comic Book Geek

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Skyline by Dave Manwell
Sydney Harbour Bridge and Skyline by Dave Manwell

Guest Post by Tara Djoric

Comic book stores are the major deal, right? I mean, if you were in Stuttgart, the absolute first thing you would do is to find the square that Loki invaded (actually, the scene was shot in Ohio, but story>location). But since you’re in Sydney, and the nearest nerd mecca is Hobbiton, New Zealand, way across the Tasman Sea, you will simply have to deal with comic book stores. Bummer, yeah? Not really. As a major city, Sydney has quite a fe w. Let’s explore the city, shall we?

King’s Comics is by far the largest store, and the best stocked, with mainstream and independent publishers equally represented. It doesn’t lack in toys and other merchandise, but it’s not so great with back issues and trades.

Kings Comics by Newtown Grafitti
Kings Comics by Newtown Grafitti


Elizabeth’s Bookshop is located just across the street from Kings Comics, much smaller in size and offer. It caters to a different crowd, one that reads Tin Tin and Asterix, and similar European titles.

Elizabeth's Bookshop by Newtown Grafitti
Elizabeth’s Bookshop by Newtown Grafitti


Comic Kingdom is the oldest comic book store in Sydney, and a mixed bag at that. Though it suffers very bad rep and has a poor offer, but its odd selection makes it to comic book nerds what thrift shops are to fashion bloggers.

The Comic Shop is the second best stocked store in Sydney, smaller in size than King’s Comics, but with a bigger offer of toys and statues.

The Phantom Zone is distant, quaint, but excellently stocked.

Last but not least, Arcadia Unbound, the smallest comic book store on the list, is very well stocked for a store so far away. It carries a large number of independent titles, as well as all the back issues you will ever need.


The Dark Knight Rises by Eva Rinaldi
The Dark Knight Rises by Eva Rinaldi


IMAX is clearly the new 3D, both as a relevant movie technique, and as a divisive topic of debate for cinema-goers. What’s cool about Sydney, is that the largest IMAX screen in the world is at, you guessed it, Darling Harbour. Actually, a friend of mine was in Sydney when Gravity was being shown: space seen on the largest screen in the world – it’s like he was there! Now that Marvel, DC and Fox have shown us their guns, we are in for an insane ride for the next 6-7 years. And if you get the opportunity to hop by Sydney during this period, what better way to see the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel?

There is probably no place on Earth that will cater to your every geeky need, woe this planet. But a large city always has a better offer than a smaller one, and if you know what you are looking for, it is easy to plan out a sightseeing route around the city that incorporates a shop or two.


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